Saturday, December 28, 2013

Decorating My Room

Over the holidays, I decided my room needed a little sprucing up. Previously, I had bought tons and tons of artsy postcards, so I decided to put them to use. Instead of having them in the corner of my room to look at every once in a while, I decided to put them all around the room for constant inspiration. Of course, some of the decorations were already there, but I embellished.

And so I did. I took some tacks and tape and posted them all around my room. I didn't feel like waiting to get my dad to post them up the right way, so I did it myself. I knew that is I didn't go and do it then, I probably wouldn't do it. 

I'm quite happy with the results, actually. It looks quite cool and is very inspirational to me. It really makes my room come alive.

Sometimes, decoration can really change things. The new decorations in my room has certain changed the aura and ambiance of the room. It now has this very artsy, nature-like feeling to it. It's much more exciting to look at as well, very fresh to look at. I also think I managed to exude quite a unique feeling to it as well, which also helped out quite a bit. Photographs really capture me in particular (I don't know why) and they really 

Also, the process of decorating really helped my creativity flow and flourish. I got to think of which postcards to use and where and also how to arrange it. It took a bit of time, but it was definitely worth it. 

The whole process of decorating has really showed me that sometimes, it doesn't take all of that much to do something. Sometimes, little things can end up doing big things or have a temporary effect that's really cool.

It was definitely worth it and pretty cool. My room looks pretty different now.

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