Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sleepovers. That age old tradition rife with blaring music and chitchat and more shit than one could fit in their mouth. A sleepover provides a chance to unwind and laugh with a friend and forget about your worries (for me, at least until the morning). Sleepovers, that thing that I need more of. That thing that I will look fondly on and will allow me to say to my children, "I don't have too many stories of being a bad girl [that extend beyond computer exploits and things conceived by friends and family more adventurous than I] but at least I had some fun while I could."

Okay so I've had a long stretch without them. Long as in a couple of months (that's including ones at my shorehouse and my aunt's house). I had forgotten how much fun they were and how refreshing they are. This weekend I kind of O.D.ed on them being as my parents were out of town.

It felt so nice just staying up as long as I could, just talking or eating crap or whatever. It felt like an escape from the real world for a little bit.

Of course one has to come back. One always has to come back. Just as the sleepovers are over, my parents' vacation is over. It will be nice to reunite but of course we will go back to our worlds of worry and that will not be so nice.

Sleepovers are a time to spend time with friends and to lose one's self, particularly if that is in a party session. One is allowed to be totally serious and to be totally fun at the same time. When I have sleepovers, I know that I am allowed to have fun with that person but I know that that person totally will have my back (and yes that does apply to my aunt too because I do sleep over there quite a bit).

I have to say it's a unique feeling waking up on their couch, or in my sleeping bag, or seeing them next to me on the ground and feeling the memories of the other night rush back to me. And then waking up half asleep and eating breakfast/ attempting to form a conversation with it.

That's not to say that it didn't get serious. It did, but it was also fun at some parts of it too. I have to say that I lamely fell asleep in the range of 11:30 to 11:45, which is unusual to me (well I was bored at my aunt's house because I didn't like the movie and my sister and aunt fell asleep so that at least isn't too bad).

I know that Saturday afternoon when I finally had to leave my friend's house, I was seriously depressed at having to go (that and the fact that I had only brought a sweater to her house. Hmm, maybe I could talk about how I'm experiencing my first white Halloween in another post).

In summary, sleepovers are pretty freaking awesome.

Sleepovers. That one time to lose one's self and to just have a blast for as long as you can stay up. I'll have to make sure to schedule more in my future.

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  1. Ahhh this brings back amazing memories! Perhaps it's time to organize one, 15 years or more after my last.