Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Right about six o'clock, it began. That repeated ringing on the doorbell, those little kids with big eyes and store bought costumes... That is the beauty of trick-or-treating. And trick-or-treating is the beauty of Halloween.

With Halloween comes the end of October, the end of fall and the definite marking of a different season. This Halloween marked my first white Halloween ever, which was definitely a strange and weird feeling considering how far down I live (I'm sure New England has had a few October snowfalls in their history however).

Okay, I know I'm a freshman in high school. I know that I'm deemed too old for this by most and that I probably should have stayed home and given out candy to trick-or-treaters (accepting my mom's candy bribe). But... Well I was sucked into it. So off trick-or-treating I went, pillowcase in hand (it didn't used to be a pillowcase but I'm too old to have a real bag bought for me I guess) and costume donned.

Of course older kids like me come out later. I probably went trick-or-treating with my friend and a friend of hers at like 6:45ish, give or take a few minutes. Before we left, her mom had to snap pictures of us (her phone was out of memory so I snapped it on mine). I was a bum, my friend was the lead singer of her favorite band (Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance as he was dressed in the music video for "Helena". She's usually Michael Jackson, her favorite singer), and her friend was the middle of the road (she got the most compliments and comments).

My feet were wet and cold, my body sore and my arms heaving from the weight of the bag (I'm weak, I know) yet... It was fun. I'm not sure how to exactly explain it but it was fun. There's something about being on the hunt and being with people you know that brings a certain element to it. Plus, my friend happens to live in a neighborhood of townhouses so that's like double the candy of neighborhoods with regular houses.

The popular thing this year seemed to be Reese's (pieces, cups and little pumpkin shapes) and Snickers (for those who let you pick. My friend doesn't have Snickers so she doesn't have many). I have to say some people were pretty generous in their candy but some people were just... Weird. I got a juicebox, rings, and one empty box of Nerd's (some little kid in the house got to it first, LOL).

We had to be out there for two hours at least. I don't how many streets we crossed but it seems like her neighborhood is so much bigger than mine. A group of obnoxious girls, two of whom I knew (with their sisters, I guess), trailed us. The ones I knew are vapid, loud and obnoxious, yes, but I don't notice because they don't bother me (there's a lot of obnoxious girls in my classes. I've learned to tune them out). Anyway, I guess fatigue, a sugar rush and the combination of both of them being there/ together exacerbated their obnoxiousness because they were yelling, talking loudly and everything. At some points, they interacted with us. Because my friend was dressed up as the leader singer of a band we both like, we sung songs from the album that song was on and they made rude comments. Eventually we lost them though.

By the time we went back to her house, I was totally drained. We basically just sat around her house and swapped out candy we didn't like until our parents picked us up.

Needless to say, Halloween is quite a unique event. It's a shame that it only comes around once a year.

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