Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pottermore Review

Pottermore equals more of Potter. Harry Potter. As a potterhead, I just couldn't miss that opportunity. When my friend told me it had finally opened, I had to end up checking it out. Of course, this was a long time ago when I first checked out Pottermore. Life kept me from writing about it and even kept me away from the site for a little bit. Now that I have finished the first book, I am eagerly waiting until they make a companion e-book for the second.

For those of you who don't know, Pottermore is pretty much an online companion to the books. They have drawn actual replicas of the scenes that are free for you to explore. Meanwhile, the voyager gets their own wand and they also get sorted into their own team. In addition to that, there are also things to collect along the way for house points as well as exclusive content from the author about additional book information.

I've had an excellent experience in Pottermore. I got an acacia wand and I was sorted into Hufflepuff (I know, I know. I was hoping for Ravenclaw but oh well). I was utterly amazed by the artwork and precision that came with the creation of the site. I also collected nine house points just for collecting things along the way.

Since I'm done, I have plenty of other opportunities to explore the site.

There are a variety of different things that I can do now. I can try to find more friends on the site, I can explore the options at the top, I can duel with people or I can make potions. While the last option seemed totally out of the question before, I am now reconsidering it.

It took me months to learn how to make the potion. Considering the fact that the directions on Pottermore are extremely unclear, I was utterly clueless how to do this. I tried to mix things up a bit because I figured that I would find the right thing eventually. Unfortunately, this didn't end up working for me.

Today, I decided to give up and look on YouTube for a tutorial. I found it and watched it exactly for the instructions. It turned out that I wasn't keeping the temperature in range (250 degrees Celsius but how was I supposed to know? Nothing tells you at the side. It turns out you have to keep it in the middle range).

Of course, I had to learn exactly how to keep the temperature in range but then I learned how to do that. I was incredibly thrilled when I discovered how to do this and when it said I succeeded. I then decided to go on to brew potions that could get me points for my team.

As I am writing this, I am waiting for my potion to brew. I tried to make another potion and I got through the first stage but ran out of time during the brewing (this is incredibly irritating considering that I waited almost an hour for this to end up happening). Hopefully, I will work my way through the potions in level of difficulty (assuming that the order places them as such). I might actually turn out to be good at potions after all.

Hopefully, I can earn a little bit of points for my team. Maybe a few tutorials can teach me how to duel better also.

The world of Harry Potter opened me up to a magical world. The world of Pottermore seems to be doing the same.

*By the way, fellow Potterheads can add me if they would like to challenge me to a duel. My username is GoldFirebolt30958.*

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  1. I got sorted into Hufflepuff when I wanted Ravenclaw too! Oh well. I have a new sense of pride being a part of Hufflepuff now :)

    Brewing potions was really hard for me to understand at first too...took me a good few times to figure it out. I kept going by the ingredient quantities on the left side of the book instead of the real instructions on the right. Dueling also I think could be a little more exciting...maybe some animation after you cast your spell? Like fire when you use Incendio and whatnot? I know it's still in Beta...but that's just a thought.

    I was sad when I found out the second book wasn't out...I'm super excited for the fourth one. There's so much of that book the movie left out (like in the maze) and I'm excited to explore it again :)

    I'll add you! I'm SilverHallow8575 :)