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The ticking clock should be an incentive to make one do work, but so often it isn't. Procrastination is the deadly evil that I never happened to fight before, considering that my anxiety was always there to remind me what might happen if I did. Yet as the year is coming to a close, I just can't make myself care as much. This apathy is causing me to put things off like I never have before. I'm doing it right now, as a matter of fact. It makes sense to think that the extra day in the weekend might give me a boost, but that's not the case. I still have to study for the Spanish test I was supposed to take Friday (when I got my braces off), and I have to work on Science homework.

Right now, I'm actually creating more things to do to put those assignments off. I don't know why I'm  doing that but....  for some reason I am. I just can't find it in me to go and do those assignments, even though I know I'll have to do them later. Because of that, I'm turning to this blog as well as the story that I should work on editing. While they are more appealing, neither of them will end up getting the job done. Despite my rational part, my other side is begging me not to do it. Unfortunately for me, the other side seems to be winning.

This internal dialogue in my head has made me start thinking about the nature of procrastination and what it can do to a person (or even a project). 

Procrastination is simply a delay. While that part is obvious with rational thought, it isn't for so many people. Procrastination is a coping mechanism. It is how many deal with school, work, their lives and the strife that comes with it. People can procrastinate in so many different ways, but each way is as destructive as the last. Procrastination is addictive, though, simply because it is the easier option. Instead of developing a work ethic, procrastination simply provides 

Often, people procrastinate out of laziness or fear. They don't feel like doing one project or dealing with one problem that scares the hell out of them. So they don't. I've done this with so many different things, just like I'm doing now. When  I've been afraid, it's been so easy for me to push off thinking about the thing that gives me fear and promise to think about it tomorrow. Scarlett O'Hara is even guilty of this offense. Yet despite whatever she may have claimed, things do not get better the longer they are put off. While tomorrow is another day, it is also another day where that thing builds up. Where they end up getting worse.  

At the very least, I don't have that much time to procrastinate with this. This isn't some life-or-death thing, either. The most profound consequence will be a missed homework assignment and a bad test grade. Those are still things to reckon with, though. I should do them and if I do, it will still feel worse to deal with a time crunch tonight rather than just do it now.

For anyone reading this who is also procrastinating, let this be the kick in the ass that actually forces you to do something. Until then, I'm going to have to motivate myself. Why wait to change my homework prospects when I can do it now? All I need to do is get the rational part of me in gear and actually do something. 
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