Friday, February 21, 2014

Won't Stop Snowing

It's been snowing for days straight. The snow is a constant on the ground, shrouding everything in white. Just when it starts to go away, there's more. In addition to snow, there's also been freezing rain and thundersnow. I didn't think that was possible, but it was.
This week has been absolutely insane. This has been my first full week in weeks and even then, I had two delayed openings (the one day the snow still wasn't plowed yet, so I witnessed various cars collide, get close to colliding or become stuck in the snow). I've lost track how many snow days I have had. The snow has been on the ground for quite a while, mounds and mounds of it. Even though it is warmer, the snow is still on the ground.

 It still won't stop snowing, though. It won't stop snowing and it's going to snow some more Tuesday. It literally won't stop. One day, it snowed the entire day. It's like an on/off switch that's stuck on the on.
Like I said, though, it's not just snow, though. No, the crazy amounts of snow just aren't enough, because the weather continues to keep trying to push the envelope more and more. Like I said, there was thundersnow. There was thunder booming as it snowed and it was one of the weirdest thing I ever experienced.

The weirdest weather thing I experienced this week, though, was the freezing rain. Now, freezing rain was never that big of a deal before. It usually just leaves a little bit of ice on the road. There was freezing rain when I took my driver's license. So I thought, no big deal. Only problem was that when I went outside to go to class the sidewalks and asphalt had turned into one big ice rink. Literally, it was a sheet of ice. There were kids screaming as they lost control of their feet and skidded down hills, various kids who fell (and even one unfortunate into the mud). I figured that I would be okay as long as I was careful. Yet when I opened the door to go to my locker, it was so slippery that even that was enough to make me fall. After that, my school declared lockdown, meaning we all had to stay inside until the grounds were sufficiently salted and that meant skipping two class periods.

Oh and now there's randomly frozen fog when I go to school now. What the crap? My one friend even thinks it's the Norse apocalypse come true, but let's hope not.

Punxsutawney Phil must have seen more than his shadow this year, that's all I can say. 

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