Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Weather-Related Blog Post

It looks like floods have saved the day... again.

I thought all the weather-related posts would be over after Irene but I guess not. We just experienced torrential rains and apparently some areas are flooded (I don't see it). Before school was delayed two hours but just as I finished getting ready, they called school off.

So we already have to make up two days of school and we've barely been there a week. Being as I'm not nervous or stressed, I would much rather have that extra day of summer when I'll really be yearning for a break. A two hour delay would have been good because I would have caught up on my sleep and dealt with less school (but it still would have counted). But no, my school district has to go and screw things up.

At this rate, I'll be going to school in the middle of July (I heard that we ge five days so that if they need more, they'll just take more from our Spring Break. That would totally suck). There truly are four full seasons up here in the Northeast so we will be getting a ton of snow as well as super-hot summers (in other words, snow days will most definitely be used).

Oh well, I'll make the best of today.

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