Thursday, September 1, 2011

High School Reunions/Scheduling

So yesterday I embarked on my second day of high school. I was told by my friend to meet her in the music hall which was on the east side of the building. Half afraid that I would find the wrong spot, I entered a kid-packed hall and freaked out (fortunately, I found the right spot).

I must say high school reunions are quite... noisy. All around me friends were reuniting with friends, screaming and squealing (the girls, of course. Guys just gave each other high-fives and chest pumps). There must have been at least three hundred kids packed in the hallway, which totally didn't help my frenzied mind. It was my first taste of high school with upperclassmen.

The seniors didn't eat me though, I assure you. I'm still here. They didn't eat me today.

It wasn't as bad today, but there was still a lot of noise in the hall. Oh well. It's useful having such a network. Even if you're not exactly friends with everyone, you still have their back. And, as a freshman, it means I have connections.

Scheduling is so hard right now. Finding both reading and writing time has proven to be incredibly difficult, especially after summer was so flexible. I haven't had nearly as much anxiety about transitioning and finding free time as I did last year and I'm afraid that's going to change soon. I already have homework and I know that I'll get much more. And then clubs will come and... ah. I'll find a way, though. I have the years before.

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