Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Clubs. They are the very thing that filled me with hope about this year even if at one point it did not seem that there was much hope to go by.

In middle school, there weren't enough of them. Yet now... well it seems as if there are too many of them. I have all of these clubs picked out but not enough time to do them. I have a hunch that all the smart kids finally broke free of their constraints and demanded a place where they could be themselves in peace. Peace without strange, confused looks or snickers or eye rolls. And they got that place. Many, many times over.

I am flooded with clubs. A freaking tidal wave of clubs. There are so many clubs that not even all of them are on my school's website or in their packet of brochures. Something for every eccentricity in the student body. I'm sure to my upperclassmen it isn't nearly as scary but as a newbie to all this.... It definitely is. This is just one more layer to the mountain of change. My best friend wants me to do all these clubs with her and it's like... ah. She's a sophomore and she knows all of these juniors and seniors so she knows her way around. No wonder so many of the clubs I want to join originally barred freshmen.

It all seems like all these clubs meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which seriously sucks. That means I can only commit myself to two clubs (this doesn't make any sense. Don't they realize that kids like me have to make this kind of decision?). There's also the little matter of transportation. My school district's budget cuts meant no 5:00 buses, making it very hard on those without cars. I have no idea of when these meetings will end or any of that.

I'm letting myself worry over something silly though. Out of all the problems I could be having, this is super tiny. A good problem, almost. It would be much worse if I could find no clubs at all. The Activity Fair is coming up so I'll get a good look at the clubs then. Anyway with all the announcements, they hardly seem to be thinking of confused freshmen like me (we always have to ruin everything, don't we?).

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  1. This isn't a silly thing to worry about! It's a real problem for you and your schedule...I hope things turn out to your best advantage, and the clubs you most want to join allow freshmen! Good luck, Tori!