Sunday, December 18, 2011

Being Sick

Right now, I'm sniveling as I right this. I am sure that colds are evil, especially after the two bitter pills that I forced down my system. I am officially prevented from iceskating and from any sort of exercise because of this ailment.

Colds suck. Being sick sucks. There's simply no other way to put it. As I write, I am captive to something that makes me feel tired and sick. According to my sister, I look as terrible as I feel and she wonders whether or not I'll be able to go to school tomorrow.

Of course, I can't stay home from school in high school. Not with all of the tests that I'll miss and all of the things that I'll have to make up. In elementary school, staying home sick was kind of fun because schoolwork was so easy to make up. Unfortunately, middle school took away that luxury and high school is even more impossible.

It could be worse. I mean, there technically is a chance that I'll go to school tomorrow even if I have to struggle through it. I've been through worse before.

Of course last time I did this, in sixth grade, I turned out to have a head cold. This doesn't feel like it did then though I certainly still feel bad. I mean, I guess it might be beyond a cold if a headache and tense shoulders accompany it. Yet I cannot consider such things because that would be bad luck and that would surely mean that I would have to stay home from school.

I hope that these sick feelings don't persist into the holidays though it really does seem to be just the passing cold. The irony of this is that I specifically remember suffering from something similar to this a year or two ago and I took it as a bad omen.

There is no cure for the common cold. Of all the medical miracles that science has brought, there is no cure for something as simple as this.

I'm afraid this is something that I will have to suffer through. Oh joy.

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