Friday, December 16, 2011


It's a part of life. It's the little things that give life its rough patches, that make you groan in frustration and raise your blood pressure. We wish we could smooth them out or delete them but such things never seem able to happen. Those things are the inconveniences that life throws our way.

These inconveniences can be anything from waiting in line or having a flight cancelled. They are minor things but on bad and/or stressful days, they are enough to make anyone burst.

I have been having a series of inconveniences lately. Inconveniences are much better than catastrophes of course but still enough to make anyone's teeth grind.

My major one has been my anxiety and that unfortunately has been consistent. Thankfully, the meds seem to be effective and the physical systems are only minimal but... The anxious thoughts still persist and they are like the gnats that constantly pick at me. I'm starting to learn how to manage it better but it's still quite annoying and hard to deal with sometimes.

Writing block, it should be of note, is another inconvenience that is not fun to deal with but fortunately I've been having some good luck with my creative juices so I've been somewhat lucky there.

Of course, it didn't help when another inconvenience came into play. The debate bus came much later than it was supposed to. The inconvenience came in waiting when I would have otherwise been at home chilling out and doing what I do best. It was loud, I was tired and the seats in the cafeteria were uncomfortable. Plus I had to deal with my rumbling stomach, which usually eats dinner at 5:30 (I live with my grandparents. They eat early dinners." Of course my anxious mind was thinking in run-on sentences like it usually does when I'm in/or on a verge of a panic attack (or lately, without the physical symptoms, a panicked string of thoughts). That was a big one.

Then of course, there was the three tests I had today and the super-hard one in Spanish, my last period class. A lot of tests planned on the same day... that's always a nice touch, especially at the beginning and end of a week.

What I've learned about inconveniences is that they bring you down to Earth. They teach you patience and they ground you even in your worst days. Without them, I suppose that we would all expect instant gratification. That, of course, would make us pompous, arrogant and a little hard to deal with. After all, who would we without all of those daily mishaps? What would fill them?

Perhaps the thinking above sounds a little silly but hey, it's somewhat true. Life would be too easy with a smooth path and that would be incredibly boring.

So I will push through those inconveniences and be thankful for them in some warped sort of way in the back of my mind because they are what make life the way it is.

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