Friday, December 23, 2011

Break! Random thoughts

It's here, finally. I have been toiling away day in and day out, counting down for it to finally come. I have been rushing, rushing, rushing, waiting for me to finally be awarded the chance to take a break. And now it is here.

I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders though I do confess to still worrying about some little things. I'm trying to forget about it for a little bit (it will come back and overtake me like it so often does, though).

Life just can take so much out of a person. I feel that all I've been doing is rush, rush, rush. I have so much that I have to do and so little time to complete them. On top of that, I have to deal with the anxiety that comes in waves about the stupid little things. A break is definitely much needed on my part (I only wish that it was longer).

Not only do I have a break but I actually have some time to relax and to recuperate again. I have a homework-less time in which I am free to do whatever I want. Plus, I have the joy of the holidays around the corner.

Breaks, of course, allow the necessary time for recuperation (as I stated above). It has allowed me the ability to breathe and move freely. Breaks are like breaking free from a cage for a breath of fresh air. Of course, it would be nicer if I had longer than a week but beggars can't be choosers.

Right now, I can't help but feel a huge sigh of relief. With that relief also comes worry. I am still worrying about my grades, about my families coming over the holidays, about being able to hang out with my friends... When I say that it never ends, it really never ends.

Breaks should mean breaks. Of course, I imagine that for many that the holidays are far from breaks. For many, the stress lurks underneath a smiling facade. For some, that smiling facade hides so much inner turmoil and family dysfunction (my heart goes out to those people). Also, it's not even a break for some high school students like myself. My crazy English teacher is also my friend's crazy English teacher and he gave her four chapters to read.

Speaking of the holidays, the holiday bug has taken a little long to bite me but it's here. I am definitely excited for the holidays themselves. My mom said that she has some surprises for me under the tree and part of me is squirming in anticipation. It's almost like Christmas when I was a little kid again (I haven't felt really excited for Christmas in a long time).

I can't believe that the break came so late, though. It's kind of ridiculous. I totally say that I should celebrate Christmas Eve Eve.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take my break.

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