Friday, October 26, 2012


Looking down is different than looking in. Looking from the inside is different from looking out. Sometimes people from all of these places don't look the same as everyone else.  There are so many perspectives, so many different angles to a situation. One person sees it one way and another person sees it another. Writing is all about perspectives and well, so is life. It's all about perspective.

Lately, my vision has been a bit clouded. It's hard to gain perspective in the web of one's own emotions and thoughts. Yet I know that I must do so, of course.  I have to keep going and pushing onward.

Perspective is interesting. Close up an item might look different than it is when it is far away (it probably does). When you are tangled up in your own problems, you cannot possibly gain perspective. The way you view things is different than the way that somebody else views something.

Perspective helps a person grow as a human being. Without perspective, one is stunted and perpetually stuck in time. It's quite necessary to understand how other people see themselves and everything like that. We must look at other people.

I think that people’s lack of perspective is the reason why the world is so messed up today. If people took the time to see from someone else’s perspective, how could they possibly stage a war? How could they possibly hurt someone else? How could they turn away from someone else? Maybe if people could see from someone else’s eyes, then they might end up actually caring about that person.

That, I think, is why perspective is so important. Perspective gives empathy like nothing else can do.

It’s all of these different views of the world that makes the world as beautiful as it is. That makes it as diverse. If everyone was the same, it might be easier but it would be more boring. We need to preserve different viewpoints and to understand. If everyone stopped being so narrow-minded and judgmental and so sure that they were right, then maybe humanity could actually get somewhere in this world.

So, yes, my views might be getting clouded as of late but that’s not something I should do. I just need to open my mind and try to understand the world. 

Apparently Republicans see this as an old woman while Democrats see this as a young woman

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