Friday, February 1, 2013

We All Have Our Issues

We all have our issues. They separate us from each other and keep us apart. We pretend they aren't there but they are. I don't know why this is such a baffling thing for me to comprehend but it is. I thought I was a freak for all of my problems and reacting the way I do at things. But I'm not. Other people are just better at hiding it.

And it's funny. It's funny in the saddest way to hear people talk in hushed whispers about something going on, locking it up and keeping it a secret. Or, worst of all, when they don't say anything at all.

Of course I knew that other people had stories. I just never thought that they were as complicated and as fucked up as mine but that's not the case.

Sometimes, I almost feel that we should talk about these issues more. I almost feel like we should do so so that other people will know that they are not alone. But we can't because, unfortunately, other people will use it against us.

These things manifest in the strangest way. My mom talked about all of the idiosyncrasies of my sister's friend (that she had told my mom) and I laughed. I wasn't a freak, the only one who did weird things with a weird backstory behind them. Why didn't that occur to me before? I have no idea. I suppose I knew it but I forgot it, had thought it logically but never really had it hit me.

If there's someone out there who thinks the same way that I did previously or hasn't really gotten it, I hope you will. You're not weird and you don't have issues. We all have issues and no one is perfect. No matter how weird your issues are, someone else (at least one person) has the same one. You're not alone.

Oh and if someone says they don't have issues, they're lying. The ones who look the most okay and seem the most perfect are usually the ones who are anything but.

We all have our issues and we all need help in dealing with them. It's why we all need to be there for each other.

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