Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Promised Anti-Bigotry Post

You know how I said that soon or later some racist asshole would emerge their head and then I could write a blog post about it? Well, that's happened and it's caused quite the uproar among many of the people I'm subscribed to on YouTube.

This chick who goes by the name HeyRuka posted this disgusting video spewing all of this white supremacist crap basically. She was talking about how races are different from each other and how race is very much a part of our DNA/ who we are, with different abilities and I.Q. (and how much better one's life is with a better I.Q. making you not only more intelligent but also less violent. Yes I do know what she's trying to get at) and whatnot. Then she even went as far as to suggest that races should separate into countries (and better yet separate continents although she knows of course that that's unrealistic) and how that would create better societies (and of course she talked of how society has been negatively affected with the assimilation of races). She put the video on private later on and posted a follow-up video with sources (she's totally twisting the information there, of course. I've read them).

I must ask, being biracial, what island I would go on (I assume that she would assign a multiracial child to the lesser race so I would go with the Hispanics of course. Wouldn't want to sully any future white babies with my more barbaric ways and lesser intelligence). However, there have been plenty of other people who have pointed out the logical fallacies she's presented so I don't think I need to do so here.

What I do need to comment on is how tragic racism is and the effects that it has on a person. She prides herself with being an atheist and freethinker (I am too, for anyone who is going to totally say that atheism and racism are connected and how evil atheists are and all that). While she may have thought for herself in that area, in this case she totally bought her parents' brainwashing in this respect. I personally prefer to avoid groupthink and think as an individual.

I fail to understand how the color of one's skin or the shape of one's eyes or whatever other distinguishing characteristic unique to different races can distinguish how intelligent you are and how you act as a human being. It's not different than discriminating on the basis of hair or eye color. I'm astounded and horrified when I read about the acts committed because of racism and I can't believe people still think that that was and/or is the right idea.

If anything, we aren't assimilated enough in terms racially. I don't think there was even four black kids in my grade of more than four hundred kids last year and I don't know where that stands this year. If it weren't for the Asian and Indian kids that go to our school, there wouldn't be any diversity at all. As I've stated here before, my school district is considered wealthy by many standards. Racism is definitely still a barrier. If there's any reason why minorities don't score as high in I.Q. as their white counterparts (I'm not sure how HeyRuka feels about Asians who are the only minority that is viewed as stereotypically smarter than whites), it's because of the poverty that they were cast into a long time ago that many still cannot escape and the crappy education that comes with being born into a poverty-stricken area.

Being judged on anything other than your character and your own actions is wrong and unfair. Being judged on something you can't help like your race or gender or sexual/gender orientation is absolutely sickening and should be utterly condemned. Unfortunately in America we have the media so none of us can truly avoid internalizing these stereotypes to a degree. As human beings, it's automatic for us to put labels on things and to not question what a higher authority has told you. The important thing is correcting bigoted thinking when you recognize it instead of denying it and pretending like it isn't there, as well as calling it out when it's blatantly obvious like it has been in this case.

America, as well as the world, has a long way to go into fixing these problems though we have also come a long way from where we were before. Fixing it starts with tiny steps, like correcting this kind of nonsense when you are unfortunate enough to come across it.

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  1. Powerful piece. I agree with you in every aspect of your thinking, especially in the atheist=racist (?) comments you made. As a longtime atheist-turned-agnostic, I'm absolutely shocked. Usually, when I think of racism, I think of innate religious prejudice, not secular thinking. Then again, I'm not exactly worldly and knowledgeable on the world's many religions, so I can't promise I'm making a fully accurate argument. And yet, somehow, that kind of assumption made by overzealous and intolerant religious folk seems ridiculous and biased. It's a them vs. us statement, with no truth behind it. Anyways, great post!