Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pain in the Rain

Rain, rain, rain. It seems to darken the whole mood of the day, to make it that much drearier. When I was younger, it meant being trapped in the house and unable to play outside. In school, it means slippery floors and yellow warning signs. Of course, there is one thing that makes even worse for me in particular. The rain brings about a pain for anyone who has had the misfortune of having to have a surgery or who happened to have a terrible injury happen to them (mostly people with scars though it's not limited to us alone).

When I was two years old, I had to have hip surgery to fix the dislocated hip the doctors never caught (my mom could have sued that doctor and made our family rich but she says she was too stressed out at the time to go through legal procedures). Then, I had another surgery again in fourth grade when my hip bone came out of the socket. Those two things did not only just result in yearly (or well, less than yearly now) visits to CHOP but also for my two scars and for the things that those scars produced.

I like my scars, don't get me wrong. When my mom had originally talked about putting aloe to lessen my most recent scar, I was horrified. My scar from when I was two is barely visible, a faint little white line on my hip. My scar from my fourth grade surgery... Not so much. It's bluish purple, bumpy and it extends down most of my upper leg. Back then I considered it a mark of what I went through and I still do. Also, it marks me as unique. Sure people might stare when I wear shorts or bathing suits but... Whatever. The only drawback of having a scar is the pain in the rain.

I pretty much know when it's going to rain or if it's raining. My leg/hip area gets all sore and achy and it throbs when I walk. On a few occasions, I've even gotten terrible spasms there though they don't usually last long. My mom, who got into a skiing accident when she was eighteen, can too although she feels pain more so when it snows.

This pain in the rain is a tad bit irritating especially with all of the steps I have to walk to get to classes in high school (a pain felt yesterday, not today). It's also kind of annoying just to walking out of the house with it, especially when the Advil hasn't kicked in yet.

Of course, it had to rain all day and yesterday. This is where the whole "rain, rain go away" nursery rhyme comes in it. Hopefully, my holiday won't be too overshadowed with this kind of thing but oh well.  It is what it is.

Rain is never fun. However, rain is not very compliant with anyone's wishes. At least the plants are enjoying it.

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