Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coming Home

Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes.  I feel that's applicable towards me right now. While I liked my trip to Utah and Arizona, I am definitely happy to be home! I may be that restless traveler but my home rests in the center of my heart. Plus, I am still really exhausted and trying to catch up with everything

I have to say it takes some getting used to, though. In fact, I woke up at quarter to one today. This is a record for me although, in my defense, it was quarter to ten in Arizona. Obviously, I still have some time zone adjustments to deal with.

Of course, as ideal as it would have been for me to go to bed at ten last night, I just couldn't. My fingers kept typing away and I couldn't get off of the computer. So I decided to write until I was somewhat tired which came at about twelve-thirty or one-ish (I can't quite remember). My family adjusted well enough, though, and went to bed at a normal hour.

I was exhausted but too exhausted to go to sleep. If it had been any later and if I hadn't slept on the plane, I would have been far more exhausted.

Coming home always does feel like a funny feeling. It's odd looking at your surroundings after you've been gone for a week. It almost made me feel like an outsider looking at my neighborhood and pulling up my driveway. Of course, it was easy to get used to everything in that regard but it was weird while it lasted.

It's disorienting. It's kind of amazing how only a week can totally take you away from everything and make you feel totally different. It feels so short at the time but it's long at the same time. It takes a big enough space in your memory, anyway, and that's definitely something that's pretty great.

Most of all, the weirdest thing about coming home is knowing that your vacation is over. Totally over. That's a little bit of a sad feeling, having to let go of all that. It's usually acommpanied by dread knowing that you're going to just have to go back to the life that you're living. That's definitely depressing and it almost makes you want to cry a little bit. No matter how bad a vacation might be, I always feel that way. 

At least I have the weekend to recuperate. I have no idea what I would have done if I had to go to school today (shoot myself, maybe?). I have tomorrow too and then I'll be thrown right into everything again after that.

Oh well. Enough of my self pity. I did have a pretty good vacation despite all of the hassle I've described here and I have some memories to go by. Vacations always bring a new sense of enlightenment and more things you can say that you've done. That's always worth it in the end, of course.

At least I can say that I'm writing these blog posts at home and that I'm writing them today. That's something

Now I only have to wake up at a decent time now...

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