Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lazy Days

There are only so many opportunities for this. To just sit around, chill out and do whatever the hell I want. These are on lazy days. Lazy days when you're not in school and when you don't have anything booked. Lazy days are always needed for everyone and I think they should be mandatory.

This Election Day it seems that I am given the ability to do so. I can relax and lose myself. I don't have to worry about anything at the moment and it's been awesome so far. I can't wait until it's summertime and I'm able to do this all the time.

Lazy days, for one, allow me to sleep in. This is much needed considering that I only get seven hours of sleep if I'm lucky on the weekdays (yay for waking up at six in the morning!). I can work with my sleep schedule and thus wake up extremely late. The feeling of waking up on your own is definitely pretty great. I woke up and felt refreshed instead of feeling like I wanted to fall back to sleep again (how I usually feel when I wake up in the morning).

I'm able to sleep in on the weekends, of course, but I usually have something to do that day. Since my parents tend to be home too, I tend to use that opportunity to do something with them and that usually eats up my time.

On days that I'm off though, I don't have to worry about stuff like that. Instead, I'm able to do what I want when I want. I don't have to rush for anything and I don't have to worry about making myself up every morning so I look pretty. I can walk around and only groom myself in the most basic ways possible and then do what I want. I have no obligations to anyone or anything.

I'm just amazed at my ability to waste time. That's pretty awesome too. I can afford that, though, without freaking out about it. I don't have to worry about the next thing I have to rush to that day or anything of the sort. I can catch up on all the things I need to catch up on and still feel awesome.

Of course, that's not to say I'm completely scot-free today. I still have my homework to do and papers looming. I won't let myself worry about all that, though, because worry will only ruin the moment.

I have to live in moments like these. Savor them until stress comes into my life once again in the way that it usually does.

I'm sure a lot of the reason why people are stressed is because of this. They simply are not allowed to be lazy. Our culture encourages the hustle-and-bustle, work-as-much-as-you-can lifestyle but is that worth it? The lazy days seem to be what life is really about  (or should be).

It seems my lazy day is almost over, though. I'll have to go to school tomorrow and I'll have to go until Friday. And then from there, I still have a month and a half to go until summer comes.  

I should probably continue to soak up the lazy while it still comes. It's not like this opportunity comes often. I'm already going to have to hear how lucky I am to have off from my mom when she gets home.

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  1. I love your posts! Could you write a post about why gym class is or isn't beneficial to students? I'm sorry that seems random but I'm interested to hear your opinion on it as many schools are cutting arts classes due to budget cuts; however, most school's refuse to cut gym class.