Monday, April 2, 2012

Natural Wonders

   Written in my uncle’s house on April 2, 2012
When people think of “natural wonders”, they usually think about the famous ones. The Great Reef, the Grand Canyon, etc. However, there are subtler beauties that go unknown all of the time. Arches National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park definitely qualify on this. The sights of Utah desert and everything were absolutely stunning.

 Hours of driving brought us to a great orange- red expanse. Yesterday, we went through Arches National Park and ended up staying in the town over. Of course, besides a quick drive, we didn’t really see it much.

Arches National Park. Not my pic
Today, though, we went to Dead Horse Point State Park which was nearby. My aunt and uncle took us up to the cliff and we watched it (there was a stone gate keeping us safe, though. We wouldn’t be in any real danger unless we hopped over it). It was absolutely stunning.

Nature and I usually don’t get along all that well. I am definitely a person dependent on technological advances. When I get out in nature, I usually end up longing to go back inside again. It’s too hot or cold for me, I’m sweaty, it’s too much work, I don’t like bugs and grass, etc. The only thing I’ve really like is the ocean and they don’t even have those in Utah.

Still, I was in utter awe. Absolute utter awe. The rock stretched across like the ocean and it was just so big that it blew me away. I wondered how nature could make something so beautiful. I admit that I was also afraid to go tumbling over the edge when I looked at it, especially when my dad challenged me to look down at this one space (at least blunt force trauma is a quick death usually);.

My cousin and I talked about mountains versus ocean. Utah has just about everything except an ocean but not having an ocean to go to during the summer would make me incredibly restless. She told me that she would miss not being able to hike up a mountain if she left. It’s all about what you grow up with, I suppose.

Anyway, on the way back I gave my little cousins a rock that acted like chalk and I explained to them (at different times, since they weren’t placed in the car together) about what sedimentary rocks were.

It was great, it really was. Even though the drive was long, I really did get to see a lot and truly enjoy myself.

The town near both, Moab, was especially fun also and it had a lot of cute little shops there (I now have three extra necklaces to add to my collection. I’m about $100 poorer. Yay!).

We’ll be leaving Utah for Arizona soon. I have to say the idea does make me a little sad, but it was good while it lasted.

Dead Horse Point State Park. Not my pic, either

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  1. Gorgeous! I've never been to Utah. Like you, I enjoy indoors and technology. But yeah, I'd stand outside to look at scenery like this. Oh, and as a Floridian, I'm totally with ya about the ocean ;)