Friday, April 13, 2012

The Evilness of Projects

It usually just comes out of the blue. It's usually handed in some pamphlet while you groan inside, bracing what's to come grudgingly. That, of course, is a project. The deadline creeps on you slowly like a ticking bomb. You don't anticipate it but it just comes. It plops itself down on you without invitation, coming at the beckon of some particularly sadistic teacher. Yes, that is the lovely little beauty of projects.

This year, I have had so, so many projects. Most of them have been from my crazy English teacher but I've had one in both Science and Social Studies.

Of course, I liked the one in Social Studies. My teacher there was nice and he gave us an ample amount of time to do it. Not to mention I didn't have to present the information in front of anyone so I didn't have to deal with any of that. I just had to write it in the format of a newspaper and then it was all good and I got an A on it.

I got an A in Science too but that was a pain in the ass. She had us make this super-complicated little contraption and stick facts about elements on it. Seriously? I could have looked up facts on my own and it would have just been so much easier. I had no idea why I even had to do that in the first place. If I didn't have my dad, I would have totally been screwed.

As for English... I have had literally had so, so many projects in that class. This guy is nuts with projects and everything.

I have a project in there now and it's been hell for me so far. It's definitely one of the more complicated ones and that's saying a lot. It's an ongoing thing and it's a quarter of our grade (we're also having the final this marking period, which is also a quarter of our grade).

He gave us two class periods to do it. We had to pick a country and an issue, think of a question and a bunch of subquestions and get going with it. The outline was due the day after break was over and the rough draft was due three days after that (today). Guess who had to cram it in before she had to go on vacation? Yep, me! On top of this, I'm going to have to present a PowerPoint on this.

To say I'm pissed is an understatement. At the very least, I'm being able to have some time to finish it and hand the final version in on Thursday.

It always seems to be like this. I'm always fighting to get things done and freaking out about them and I keep getting more stuff piled on.

I complained about research before. While research isn't as bad, it isn't nearly as bad as actually plotting things out.

Projects themselves require so much planning they make my brain hurt, especially when this teacher assigns them (with the amount of homework he gives us). I also have to worry about presenting a lot of the time, which I suck at because I happen a little meek and I mumble and I'm not good at talking in front of them.

Worst of all is when it's a group project. That requires collaboration. All of my friends are older than me too and none are in my classes, so I can't pair up with my friends. I can't do "the look" across the room (a look to each other and then a nod) to instantly become partners. Being as I am a perfectionist and nitpicker, I'm not the easiest person to work with. Since my anxiety is getting better, I don't freak out about the project and take it out on the people I'm with. At least this isn't one of those times, though.

Fortunately, I'm good with words and people seemed to like my paper during the rough draft. The presentation is a different story.

Bottom line, projects are evil. I fail to see the use for them anyway, except for as torture devices and a wrench in our schedules.

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