Sunday, August 12, 2012

People Taking Advantage of the Vulnerable

There are good people and then there are bad people. Sometimes, the bad people take advantage of the good people who happen to be in a bad spot or who can’t fend for themselves. These facts are obvious parts of life and some people just grow to accept them. I cannot, though. It just seems so wrong and so sad that sometimes it eats me up inside.

Just recently, I’ve seen this in action. I just saw a waitress come to a table where a big group of people had just up and left- she would have to foot the bill, even though she’s probably a young college student barely getting by. My laptop just caught a virus, a notice that locked our computer and claimed that I had been fined by the FBI for copyright infringement (and had to pay my fine to MoneyPac). All of these are real reminders that good people get screwed over by those who just don’t give a damn about how they’re hurt.  

And that just seems like the worst kind of cruel. To take advantage of someone who is already so low. Someone is vulnerable can’t even speak up for themselves, can’t even begin to utter a sound in defense. To just hit this person when they’re already down or will have difficulty getting up is the worst kind of wrong.

That vulnerable person just has no way of getting off up the ground and no one to help them. Sometimes, those vulnerable person never gets up because they don’t have any resources around them and because everyone around them either hasn’t seen it or has looked the other way.

Worst of all, in that case, there’s no way for any justice to occur. There’s no way for the one who has put them down to receive any sort of repercussions for this and life just goes on for that person. The vulnerable have to nurse their wounds by themselves, nurse all of the wounds that they might receive.
Yet the thing about those who take advantage of the vulnerable? They are weak, oh so weak. Instead of attacking someone who is on their level, they will make sure to attack those on a lesser plane because it’s easier. Even when it’s a careless, I-want-something-and-I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-who-I-hurt kind of a thing, it’s still the weakest, most pathetic course of action. Instead of having the strength to be careful of one’s actions and to help someone else… These people don’t do it.

Lately, I’ve been having difficulty accepting this cruel reality but it is still the case and the thing that I have to deal with. There are cruel, cruel people and more than I think. Most people are not good; only some are good. I have come face to face with these cruel people and I have been this vulnerable person…. Yet this instilled faith in humanity is so difficult to remove.

There are also people that speak up for them, but those people are few and far between. Most people commit the cruel act of neglect, walking away from this vulnerable person with a guilty shrug.

But that’s not how injustice is stopped. Injustice is stopped by standing up and speaking up for the voiceless and the vulnerable. Injustice is stopped when good people take action. There just aren’t enough people to do this and so the cycle continues.

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  1. Its worse when the perpetrators deceive the vulnerable into believing they are being helped and cared for when the fact is they were a target for opportunistic parasites from the get go. Lay yourself down as a door mat and people will wipe their ass on you as well right after they gently shit on you and tell you to be thankful...