Monday, August 27, 2012

The Mountains

There are two types of people in this world- mountain people and ocean people. While I am most decidedly an ocean lover, I can see the wonder and majesty involved in mountains. I just went up to the Poconos and as we drove, it hit me.

Mountains are an entirely different terrain for me. It doesn't make me want to run out and explore it all like the ocean makes me want to do, but it still makes me gawk at it. I was in fourth grade when I first saw mountains and... My first association with mountains was the sensation of feeling my ears pop. The craggy roads triggered my motion sickness and I hated it. But then... Then we started to climb it and look around and it was actually pretty nice.

Of course, I admit that I am a little scared of mountains especially when I drive up the roads. I look and I think about what would happen if the car drove off the cliff and into the lake below. As we drive upwards, I think about it tumbling down. Yet most of the time, I can put those feelings behind and just enjoy the scenery when we stand there.

Also, I don't like the forest thing going on in there. I don't like the whole nature thing, so being in a forest is kind of annoying. But oh well. The best thing about a mountain is looking down from one at the scenery from the comfort of an air-conditioned house.

Mountains still produce a feeling of awe for me- a total feeling of awe when I stare out at it and see its depths. I remember the time that I trekked the mountain and looked at everything all around me and I felt some sort of awe.

The difference between the mountain and the ocean for me is that I can survive without being around a mountain. If I never saw a mountain again in my life, I probably wouldn't really care all that much. But if I never saw an ocean again, I would be pretty upset and experience quite the urge to go and see one once again.

But a mountain is nice. It's actually pretty nice looking out. Being in the Poconos was definitely a fun time and I can see the appeals of a house up there.

But mountains certainly do hold a unique appeal to it. I might not be a mountain person, but I certainly am hypnotized by it.

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  1. My dream home is oceanfront property in the mountains.