Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School (as a Sophomore)

On my first day of school, I missed the bus, got left out in the rain, fell down a flight of stairs and had my yogurt in my lunchbox explode. I think the universe is against me or the God of School or something like that. Some big, terrible force. Is this some kind of big, terrible omen?

I was a lot more nervous last year, of course. I was thinking about it weeks in advance and staring up at the ceiling (as seen in the earlier blog posts in here). This year, I only freaked out as yesterday ended and it was more dread than anything else (though I was worried how this year would have ended up working out).

As most first days go, I just spent the whole time listening to the teachers go on and on and on about their rules and expectations. On the bright side, at least I got to write some stories (although I hid it from the teachers as I talked). The only convergence from this pattern was my teacher talking in just Spanish in Spanish class about the rules and my Math teacher talking about the rules before giving us a huge math packet. That was about it pretty much, although I have to admit that I actually have some pretty cool teachers this year.

I did notice how the freshmen had better game faces this year. Last year, we were all lost with our maps out and confused looks permanently etched on our faces.

At the very least, I have friends in my lunch period this year. When I fell down my flight of stairs (which I do quite often due to my clumsiness), someone helped pick me up even though people usually never do and she even introduced herself. My hair didn't totally get wet in the rain, either.

I managed to survive, though. I managed to survive the day.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be easier.

Still, I feel the prison door slamming shut right now. The workload will only get worse- more intense and more difficult. And I now I have much less time.

There's a little nervous feeling that comes with the first day of school. That angsty feeling of having to adjust. I used to look forward to it but now I just dread school more.

But I will survive. One step at a time.

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