Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Dreaded Book Stack

There comes the usual dilemma in the life of every reader. The realization that one cannot read all of the wonderful books in the world is quite a sad one, so when it hits me, I feel a midst of panic come over me. In that midst of panic, I try to store up as many books as I can. I'm like my hamster trying to store all of her food in her cheeks for no reason at all. And such.... I end up developing a dreaded book stack that is quite intimidating to look at.

I don't know why I do this. It's definitely pretty silly, because it's only a stress that I make for myself. And yet...

The books call to me whenever I pass them. All of them, really. It's pretty hard to just turn away from their call, but I have to. Some little things help me sometimes, but most of all, I'm pretty screwed. At least in bookstores, I'm constrained by cost so that's definitely pretty good. In yard sales and libraries, there are no such constraints. And such, I now have way too many books in my possession right now and I don't think I can read them all.

Right now, I have a blended family of a book stack- some are from the library, some are from the bookstore and one is even a bargain book I got at this vintage store. That's the biggest kind of disaster, I suppose, because it invites the biggest kind of book stack. I'm all aching to read them all. Sadly, that means it will be a while until I can enjoy the beauty of bookstore buying again. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be in debt (in a way, I sort of am, I guess).

The funny thing is, I don't know why I'm worrying. I can probably read them all by next month. Fortunately, my school gives me months to read the library books so I don't have there's not that much of a rush on reading them. Still, I'll read them all first to get them over with. I wasn't going to do that, but I guess it makes the most sense and will cause the least pressure.

I just saw a video by a booktuber I loved talking about all this. It reminded me that the books that I buy aren't going anywhere. I shouldn't feel bad for putting that huge book that I've had for months on hold because I'll just get to it when I can. The books might pile up but they aren't going anywhere- I'll read them eventually. I just have to get the most important books that I have read first and I'll probably make up for it eventually.

My parents think I'm crazy and I know that they are surely right. I'm glad I'm not them in this predicament because it would take them months to read that book stack but I know that it won't take me nearly as long, I guess.

There are nine books in my book stack. That doesn't include the book that I've just started reading now or the three-in-one book. I originally had much more so I consider this definite progress so far. I know I just have to take it easy.

It will probably be best if I never look at the book stack or think about it because it will surely stress me out a little. So I'm writing all of my thoughts out now.

I've had worse. My worse book stack ever was thirteen books I checked out of the library once in the thick of the school year- these books weren't from school either but from the local library so I had to have them all read in two weeks. And I did it.

I know I'm not the only one in this predicament. For everyone who is, I'll stay the same.

I'll be in this reader's dilemma for all of eternity. I might as well get used to it now.

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