Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Final Blog Post Before the End of the World

 If the doomsdayers have it right, tomorrow is the end of the world. A calendar that no one took stock in somehow determines whether or not the world will end. Forget NASA and common sense, of course. The Mayans were the ones who got it right after all of these years. If the doomsdayers are right, today will be our last day to be alive. And so, just in case my dear readers, I am writing my "last" blog post in the same way that YouTube vloggers are making their "last" vlogs. So here it goes.

It's interesting to think about what led us to this place where so many people take this so seriously. What led to this conclusion: some archaeological dig? Somebody's misinterpretation? Never mind the fact that Mayan calendars A) didn't include leap years and more importantly, B) is a Bronze Age mythology. But people are stupid.

Plus, what gives this particular doomsday prophecy any extra validity. I don't get why the Mayans have any credibility now, especially given how they no longer even exist. Not to mention, they couldn't even predict the end of their world.

If this is the end of the world, I have spent my last moments doing something that I love with people I love. Everything else is irrelevant. People so desperate, so frenzied to pack up and leave is incredibly sad to me. I will take my death peacefully and with honor.

So, if the world does end, this will be my last blog post ever. If not, see you around.

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