Saturday, December 22, 2012

Now That The World Hasn't Ended

 Since it's the twenty second, the day after the end of the Mayan calendar, and everyone is still here, it's safe to say that the world hasn't ended. Yesterday, people sat together waiting for some sign of the apocalypse: a sonic boom, the collision of the planets, great earthquakes, something. Some even traveled to Serbia to be saved by aliens on a random planet. But, alas for them, nothing. Who knows how they will face homelessness, joblessness and the humiliation of being proven wrong? I don't know nor care. I do certainly think it's interesting.

The hype over the end of the world certainly brought about some pretty interesting things. I knew that there would be an increase of pranks that day and so I approached going to school reluctantly, unsure of my safety. It turns out that it was not my school that was afflicted but the other high school in my district. Someone was going to bring in knives and (unregistered) guns of various types to school that day to kill people with but someone saw his status on Facebook and turned him in (did I mention my town, like the one in Connecticut, also happens to be called Newtown?). Even though it wasn't exactly my school, my mother kept me home from school just to make sure that I was totally going to be safe. My friend's school was also afflicted, although it only got egged. Why people feel the need to be stupid just because of some silly Mayan prediction thousands of years ago is beyond me but whatever.

All of this drama and nothing happened. How pathetic. I wondered if those people on the mountain stopped mid-party in sheer disappointment or if they just went ahead and got more of the shrooms that they had to be taking.

On the bright side, a lack of apocalypse means that I can celebrate the holidays once more and live to see another year. I'm already feeling increasing excitement at the idea of Christmas, of racing down the tree in the morning to get my camera and other presents. I haven't felt this excited and in the Christmas spirit for a long time. It also means that I can live for the sleepover I've been planning with my friend.

Now that the world hasn't ended, I can get on with my life and with my potion on Pottermore.

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