Sunday, January 27, 2013

Writing Milestones

Writing comes in milestones: first page, first chapter, first type of writing done (memoir, novel, etc.). A book finished, a book revised, etc. In a way, each project accomplished is a milestone. Today, I finished the third draft of my book. I still don't feel like it's good enough and I still don't feel like it's complete but that's okay. 

Writing milestones, no matter how frequent, feel incredible. This is especially true when this is a novel simply because novels take an extraordinary amount of effort and time to complete. It's a strange feeling when a novel is over, almost a daze. 

The joy from each writing milestone is this: I stuck through with this. No matter how shitty this piece is, I stuck with it. And that's more than what a lot of people can say. Us writers certainly have a tenacity that is hard to come by. 

Hopefully, the next step will be with a literary agent. I have worked incredibly hard on this novel over the course of years and now hopefully that can culminate into something. 

The joy of each milestone is that there is only another milestone to conquer. That there is more and more things to accomplish and each thing we do pushes us even closer to that. 

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  1. It hit one of my first milestones today - the first twenty thousand words. Congratulations and keep going with your novel