Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bands Breaking Up

All good things come to an end. That extends to bands. The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel (okay they were a duo but still)... They all had their day. This, however, one of the most tragic band ends has happened. My favorite band in the world, My Chemical Romance, has officially broken up.

It's always such a tragedy. All of that great music... Over. Ended. Their pulse flat-lined. Sometimes, band members join new bands or have solo careers but it's just not the same. All of that potential is gone. Being as MCR (from what I know) was in the middle of creating another album, it was even more heartbreaking. I am so regretting the fact that I was never actually able to see one of their concerts even though I really wanted to. Wow, what a blow!

I have always connected to music in such a personal way so this in particular seems personal for me too. It's always great to find a band that I can really, really connect to and this is just one of those bands. Music has saved my life and each song has helped me hang on a little bit more. So that end of songs, that end of coping mechanisms, that reaffirmation that I'm not alone in how I feel? That seriously blows. I would rather have them making sub-par albums than have them quit altogether (I'm not dissing Danger Days although many have. That album is only my least favorite simply because I can relate to the other ones a bit more). The prospect of new albums seemed like such a thing to look forward to but now I can't even do that. I can only be thankful that those series of previously unreleased songs (Conventional Weapons) ended up being released after all.

Being as music is such a personal extension of expression, it almost feels like I was able to know each member of the band simply by listening to their songs. It was performed with so much heart and soul that I couldn't help but feel its vibes. This almost feels like a death.

Bands change your life. MCR personally has saved mine by putting words to what I have felt and making me feel less alone; the healing words of Gerard Way himself helped me too, by giving me someone to look up to and something to grasp when I feel alone. If they are a good band, they are more than just a band. They are an experience, an idea, a feeling, an image, a representation of people previously forgotten about. So when they break up, all of those things do too.

So long and goodnight, MCR. The MCRmy will march on.

(Oh and the Wikipedia page about them has changed to "was". NO!).

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