Friday, March 15, 2013

Hugs and Hugprints

Every person has a hugprint, the unique way in which they hug, their essence. Or at least I'm convinced they do. People just don't notice it right away. A hugprint, of course, is like a fingerprint: unique to every person even in identical twins. This might sound unscientific and ridiculous people but it's true. Most people don't savor their hugs enough to notice it but I do. Hugs are a great experience but the best part is savoring the person's hugprint (which is great if you have really missed them).

It's slight but still very distinctive. 

One major influence in the formation of the formation of hugprint is the shape and size of a person's body. Their hug will feel different depending on how big or small in comparison to you, their amount of fat and/or muscle, their body type, etc. Occasionally, their posture will also affect it. For example, my late grandmother's arthritis made her hunch over a little bit, which made a difference. In addition, her weathery skin caused a soft, sagging sensation like that of settling into a particularly nice reclining bed. Both of those characteristics distinguished her from anyone else. One might attribute this to her being elderly but even then, I've hugged a number of elderly people who all hug differently. My grandfather, even though he is the same age/ similar appearance and a notch above her former condition, hugs differently than she did. 

Also, each person hugs with a different amount of pressure. My father hugs my sister and I tightly, clutching us with his strong arms. This is definitely different than my mother, who hugs us somewhat loosely and is soft.

Each person also hugs differently. Some people hug over your arms and some under. Some people pull you to them and some keep you away. Some press you against their chest or against their cheek. Sometimes, their air will swish past your cheek.

Everyone also has a different smell. This is the hardest to pick up on but occasionally, there are distinguishing scents of a person. Sometimes, they wear perfume or cologne or they are or are around a smoker. Sometimes, they smell of some smell associated to their profession.

All this combined makes a hugprint, a unique way a person hugs.
The hugprint is enough of a reason why hugs are awesome but hugs are awesome for a variety of reasons too. The sensation of a hug makes them super awesome for one. It's more than that, though: it's what a hug represents. Hugs represent affection at the very least and each hug is an affirmation of love and support. That feeling can be very comforting for one who is down. And that's what makes them so important.

Man, I love my hugs. More than the average person. Each hugprint is a trace on my soul. I may forget your name, face, voice but I will never forget how you hugged me.

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