Saturday, March 30, 2013


For the past few days, I've cruised my way through many the theme park. Naturally, a common theme of said parks was rollercoasters. Even as I go back home, I am still thinking about the buzz that a good one gives.

So what makes rollercoasters so great? It definitely has to be the adrenaline rush and the anticipation. They're the best when you get to the park early enough to just run up and get on.

A good rollercoaster is fast. So fast that you can't even think, just feel. So fast that the wind pushes your cheeks back. So fast you can hardly stand up when the ride is over. And to make it even faster, it goes up and down and around and takes sharp turns. You never really know what to expect next after it. It's especially cool in the dark because you truly don't know what to expect, especially when things pop out at you in the dark.

A good rollercoaster is also unpredictable. It's full of loops and twists and all that. It's a really awesome feeling when you feel your stomach drop right as your cheeks are pushed back. Sometimes, it can feel really uncomfortable as well as awesome/ unpredictable to have your body jerked around the whole ride because when you get off, your neck and back hurt and you realize you just escaped paralysis.

But it's not too fast or otherwise, it wouldn't be safe. I'm not entirely sure how they manage to do that but somehow, they do. I always wondered how that engineering stuff worked. They must have to be pretty careful because any wrong move and someone's head gets chopped off or they fall out or they become quadriplegic (maybe that's what my mom thinks about when she looks all scared whenever I'm about to go on a ride.

At the end of the day, rollercoasters are concentrated insanity. They are a release from reality and that is why it's so excellent.

I will miss that release from reality. I will miss rollercoasters.

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