Friday, July 26, 2013


Today, I had a full body massage for the first time. And I have to say that it was an absolutely refreshing experience.

She rubbed my back first, running her fingers all over my back. They were magical fingers! It wasn't just a simple glossing over me like it is when an amateur massages me but it was the perfect varying of pressure across me all over the place.

But it wasn't just my back! A full body massage included massaging my legs, arms, face and neck too. Ahhhh! I never even imagined all of those places that she would go on my body or how those would make me feel. I could practically hear the angels sing as she went all over me.

My neck is the most sensitive area of my body being as that's where stress accumulates (although I don't have that much stress in the summer but still). So naturally it felt the best there, especially since she almost seemed particularly specialized in that area. Surprisingly, it also felt amazing when her fingers massaged my face too, especially my sinuses and cheekbones.

She even handled my surgery scars well, her fingers equally as sensitive and smooth as she was over the unaffected parts of my body. And, admittedly, my legs probably would have benefited from a shave but whatever.

It's a shame that massages are so expensive, especially with the tip involved. The world would be a better place if everyone got a weekly massage because it seems like the world has a whole lot of stress. But I'm at least appreciating mine


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  2. A massage can be really helpful for our mind and body, as it promotes relaxation, as well as restore one's health and balance. And it’s good to know that you truly enjoyed your first experience. And in my opinion, it's doubly beneficial, because you had a good therapist that massaged your body, and even your scars very carefully.

    Ervin Willis @ Main Street Massage Therapy

  3. The world would indeed become a better place if everyone would get a weekly massage. There’s just a lot of stress everywhere that makes some people extra grumpier. Haha! Although seriously, all that pent-up stress is usually the cause of bad choices. It’s just easier to think straight when your blood is flowing smoothly and you’re not suffering from any chronic pain that’s enough to put one in a sulky mood. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    William Connors @ The Healing Station

  4. That’s true! Given the calming effect a massage could bring, the world would certainly be a better place if everyone gets to have this antidote for stress once in a while. While it may be costly for some, the benefits you can yield from this treatment is very much worth it. Cheers!

    Hannah Holland @ BCA