Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dreams (Of the Idea Variety)

 A dream is such a powerful thing. It lets you hold on to hope and get through the day, get through the future. It's something that hums in you silently, but constantly, so that you may not always know that it's there, but it is still working through you. Sometimes, they are crushed too soon, perhaps by the weight of its impracticality or by outside pressure, yet sometimes even then it can exist in fragments (or totally dissipate and make you bitter instead).
Sometimes, dreams just stay dreams. They are total fantasies concocted by people for their own pleasure. They can never happen, or at least they won't happen because the dreamer has no intention of actually making it true.
Yet sometimes, it can be the start of something great. Every wonderful idea has started out with a dream after all. It has to start out with that. The craziest things we've ever done have started with the dreams of people, which is why no dream should be dismissed. People may dismiss dreams to "help" others not be disappointed later, but all they're doing is crushing ideas.
Sometimes dreams are small aspirations, sometimes they're sweeping things. Either way, they're significant, because they are the seed that will help produce a garden.  
Don't give up on your dreams, though. Sometimes, they may seem impossible and dumb, but they are great and can make you strong. I am holding on to my dream of being a writer, my dream of being something special

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