Thursday, February 9, 2012

Course Selection

Course selection. It's an excuse for kids to leave classes and teachers that they despise for something so easy to them. It's the one time many sit face-to-face with their counselor since an introduction meeting. The counselor sits on the computer and talks about what the classes are like and college and everything.

It seems quite odd that I'm already thinking about next year's classes but I figured that I would give it a shot.

I did it with my mother yesterday. Still, as more kids left yesterday, it got me thinking about a few things.

It was done in twenty minutes. It was something that was such a big deal and would totally impact my life for next year and it was done in only a few minutes. I went up to my classes in no time and it was like nothing had happened.

Next year, I will be a sophomore. The year after that I will be a junior. And then, after that... I will be a senior and then I will graduate. That's a lot of stuff for me to think about, although I'm sure that it will be something done gradually but still... It's a scary thought.

I'm already thinking about college now. In fact, college is the driving motivator for my thoughts now and everything. College was a driving motivator in which courses I selected and I thought about how it would look.

This just means I'm moving up. I heard the sophomore year's a lot harder but apparently it's simply more work. Junior year will be even harder and it has even more testing thrown into the mix (let's hope I survive!). Plus, Math will probably be the hardest that year if I truly am returning to Algebra from Geometry (it all depends on how it works out).

Moving up and away from things is simply a part of life. I will have to accept that I will not be a part of high school forever.

I kind of want to be though. High school has offered me so many experiences I never experienced and I really enjoy the clubs and everything. I'm not sure I'll get the same experiences in college and that's a little sad.

I can get over it though. I just have to think of everything in a positive light.

I'm sure many would find it odd how I'm thinking about college already. This should probably be one of those times where I should really apply "carpe diem" here. I have to enjoy things, not think about when they're going to end.

Course selection. Of course, it's subject to change but it basically means that my entire sophomore year is mapped out for me.

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