Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Blog Traffic/Changing Things Up

Busy, busy, busy. At the very least, sometimes I get to come home and write to my heart's content though. I have a variety of options (which, as a writer, I'm kind of thinking is not a good thing. I need to stick to something) and often it's very relaxing after a stressful day. When I'm particularly angry, I can just vent.

I love this blog. Really. I can write about anything that I want without anyone trying to interrupt me or anything. The reason that I decided to start a blog was because I felt that it was something that a writer was supposed to do and I wanted to hone my writing skills. I also wanted to get the chance to speak about the things that mattered to me.

But then... I had that little urge for an audience. An audience besides the people I felt were obligated to listen to me.

I remember one of the bloggers I read (I got into his blog after his YouTube video about confronting the abortion protesters who were harassing his wife went viral) basically admitted that he blogged for views. He asked why else would we make it public? I do admit to making it public because of the small hope I'll get views but for the sole reason? Nahhh.

I felt like such an attention whore when I started to try to promote myself. Pathetic and a little desperate too, honestly, especially considering my attitude towards spammers. However, I figured that there would be no other way for anyone to find me. I mean, sure there's Google but what are the odds of that really? So I tried to post it on two dearly loved sites of mine (SixBillionSecrets and GivesMeHope/its branches) posing it as a secret/story. I also tried posing it as a question to Yahoo!Answers a bunch of times.
So I've been busy at work trying to get new traffic to my blog. So far, it seems that I've actually been somewhat successful so I've been keeping it up. I've seemed to have gotten new followers and readers though my sister scoffed at this ("Four followers. Seriously? Wowww." Ha ha, love you, Rach). In addition to this, I've decided to do a few more things to become a bit more well-known and things that will also make being a part of the blogging sphere more fun for me. Some of these were suggestions already made to me (okay, most) and some ideas were ones that I ended up coming up with on my own.

First of all, I'm going to definitely comment more on blogs that I read already and try to find even more cool blogs. It seems like good karma, to do that, and also I can get in some free advertising in the comments. In addition to this, I also get to see who is out there and I get to read a lot of great blogs that really make me think. Really, commenting and finding new blogs to read is a win-win situation that benefits everyone.

Secondly, I'm going to try to put more pictures on to my blog post. I worked a little on it today and I must say it truly does look better. It's like a complete visual transformation. Hopefully, it might get people to linger around for a little bit.

Thirdly, I'm going to try to find more sites where I can post the link to my blog without everyone Maybe some kind people can post this on their Facebook accounts or try to forward it via email? I would really appreciate that.

Hope it works!

By the way, thanks to all the readers I have so far. I really do appreciate each and every one of you and I hope I get some more.

I also really appreciated the comments that I got on my post about eating disorders. I'm glad that it was able to reach people and that it was actually effective. It's definitely a big problem that needs to be addressed more in the blogging sphere.

Blogging has been a wild ride. Tune in for some more stuff in the future.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! You're right, it can get you more readers here :)
    I read through some of your posts and was impressed by your writing, until I got to the post where you talk about choosing your high school classes, and then I was even more impressed at your level of maturity and writing skills. I'll be back to read more.