Monday, February 20, 2012

Long Weekends

Long weekends are that glorious stretch of time where you have the world to yourself to roam. Even though school looms over your head, you are free for just one moment. It is as if, for a few brief moments, you are allowed to get a few breaths of fresh air. Long weekends are like an offering to a horse to graze after a long ride (except my fellow students and I are not horses of course, and we do not eat grass. Ha ha).

Long weekends give you two four-day weeks. On the first four-day week, the last day is Thursday on the on the second, you might end it on Friday but you get to come in on Tuesday and you can enjoy that Monday.

All I did in these four days was chill. I got to unwind in a way that I am unable to fully do on a weekend and I just got to generally enjoy myself. Of course, I went to CHOP as I mentioned in "Importance to Health" and I did a few errands but they weren't strenuous. It's not like I did anything that was super stressful. I even got to spend time with the new hamster that my sister got that she ended up naming Tinkerbell ("Tinks")!

Long weekends give us the break we students (and probably the teachers too) so desperately need. It gives us time to do whatever we want and not have to answer to anyone. Sure we have a few things that we have to take care of but that's not too bad when you consider everything. For the most part, my stress went way down.

I got to wake up early too and I got to do more. I have gained the opportunity to do more of the things I've wanted to do, for instance.

Those few breaths of fresh air and the greater opportunities I've had time-wise have allowed me to blog much more, for instance. I have went on a total blogging streak this week, blogging more than I have for a long time. This long weekend will probably offer up most of my posts because I doubt that I will be able to post in the coming week (it turns out that I will be busier than ever in my four-day week).

By the time Sunday came around, I felt like it should be Monday. I expected it to end. And by today, I was starting to get quite used to not going to school. It felt like a mini summer almost but not quite. I hope tomorrow won't be too rude for me. I hope it won't be too terrible for me but I'll deal with it tomorrow.

I'll have to absolutely savor the hours of peace and tranquility that I have left. I can already tell that it will leave me all too soon and I already feel myself starting to become frazzled and crazy with worry for tomorrow again.

I won't think about the tests tomorrow until I have to study for them. No. I'll have to be absolutely relaxed  about it.

Of course, even better than a long weekend is a Winter or a Spring Break. My school district even wants to cut that. That's a different issue, though. I'll appreciate what I have for now and worry about the rest later.

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