Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Majesty of Pets

Contrary to the beliefs of many, the world does not revolve around them. Hell, it doesn't even revolve around humanity itself. There are other creatures, among us, those that we have decided to take into our homes. And those little critters are our pets.

I am completely in love with my pets. They are my babies and I cherish them. This love pretty much extends to all furry, cuddly creatures, dogs especially. People might scoff at my complete love for my pets, but I don't get it. If anything, I think that people should value pets much more than they do.

Why do I favor the furry? Why do I think that pets are often so much better than human beings? Good question. Furry creatures often tend to be the most loving, the most giving. Pets in general tend to be very, very loving and open, much more than people are. Pets tend to have souls so much purer than those of most human beings.

Sure, a dog and some other pets can be mean. That's usually a result of people being mean to them. A vicious dog is always a sad sight to behold. Most dogs are kind, kind creatures. Why does my dog jump all over strangers? Why did my partner's dog pee all over the floor in excitement when I came to work on our school project? They have so much love and sociability inside of them that it literally explodes. And yes, dogs do stupid things like eating stuff they aren't supposed to eat and peeing in the house but none of those things are malicious.

Pets are innocent, though, and that innocence is absolutely beautiful to behold. That's why violence of pets has been so appalling to me as well as the blatant dismissal of their rights. They are children at their very cores. They give love and urge it with everything they have and they do so unconditionally. You can discipline them and then they'll come around the corner to be pet again. They never think of getting hurt or worrying what the next day will bring. Yes, like children, they are petty. My dog is often a child begging for candy at the dinner table. Pets often worry about silly things like a scary looking branch or leaving their mark. Their greatest worry is when they get their dinner. They do not know about evil and hurt and so they love and trust with everything they have. They give everything for their owners and would often die to protect them.

Pets are so empathetic and so feeling that it kills me. My dog can sense when I am home from school and when I am sad. She is the best listener in the world, the warmest blanket I can find when I am cold. She lets me hold her and hug her. When a minute goes by and someone isn't petting her, she will end up pacing the couch and looking up at everyone with wide eyes, begging to be pet (see picture below). It's one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. In many ways, pets are even better people than people are. 

Yet, these tiny creatures are so vulnerable. Whenever I hold Tinks and feel her cuddle against me, feeling her tiny heartbeat, I know that I hold her very life in my hands. Whenever I hold her, I am in awe.

I was reminded of this lesson throughout the day, when I felt the love forces of my pets as well as those of my partner's when I went to her house. Their cuteness and their love are so incredible and overwhelming that I can't help but bury myself in them.

Human beings are not so great and they do not hold the world in their hands. There is a gentler, meeker force that needs to be recognized, helped and seen for what they are. Their innocence and vulnerability simply make them deserving of our help and of our love and care. They are our pets and they are our world.

My baby girl, Sandy

My baby girl, Tinkerbell ("Tinks")

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