Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 Politics is that complicated science that governs our world affairs. It's a game that we pay people to play, but the consequences of losing it can be deadly. There are two sides, two parties; there are the Democrats and Republicans, with only a few other fringe groups. Second only to religion, it is the Topic Never to Be Discussed. And that's completely ridiculous, of course.

Politics are that unspoken thing on a lot of people's minds, though.The passion on both sides is so high that it's palpable. Today on Election Day, the stakes are high on both sides. Romney and Obama are neck and neck and there's no telling what will happen. That's scary.

I won't lie: I'm a raging liberal. I'm the deepest shade of blue that there is and it's pretty surprising that I don't bleed blue. I tested "Super Liberal" on the test we took in school (the only thing that I'm budging on is gun control). Clearly, I want Obama to win even though I've been less impressed with the way he's acting (yes, Romney is that bad to me and the stakes are too high). And another thing I'll admit- there's nothing I love more than political debates with libertarians and uber conservatives.

I am both interested in politics and disgusted by it. Democrat and Republican politicians are as greasy as fast food and just as hard on the stomach. Still, I am passionate enough about the issues to be passionate enough about politics.

If I could vote for the candidate I really wanted, I would want Jill Stein, honestly. I have looked at her platforms and I generally agree with them much more than Obama's.  However, being as she is definitely not going to win and I live in a swing state, I would vote for President Obama. I suppose I'll have to wait three years to cast a vote, though. If you're not from the U.S., this might be foreign to you (then again, it might not since foreign people actually tend to know more about American politics than Americans). Obama is my second choice but whatever.

Politics governs our lives. With careful maneuvers and sly promises, politicians dictate almost every facet of our lives. They decide our taxes and they decide what we can do and all sorts of things. In essence, politics is our life and our government. That's why I think that people are so passionate about these sorts of issues, I think.

Of course I'm interested in politics. I want to know what's going on in my country and any threats that I have coming my way.

Mostly, I'm interested in social issues with the two major issues to me being gay marriage and abortion/ contraception rights. I'm also very much interested in healthcare and social welfare programs. Taxes and all of that jazz aren't nearly as important to me, although I believe that the trickle-down economics and laissez-faire way of doing things that Romney wants is completely ludicrous and that it only gives businesses more opportunities to take advantage of people.

Politics is so interesting to me. It's so interesting because these issues are so complicated and have so many gray areas in them that force me to think about things. There are the major issues and then there are the smaller issues that somewhat relate to the bigger issues. They give me things to think about and people to talk to about such things. It shows the essence of the way that humanity functions in a way, the essence of how people operate. If aliens came down and wanted to observe human behavior, they should look at how various people talk about politics.

Of course, it's so disgusting because of all of the back-hand deals and the lobbying and all the sort of things that make it corrupt and ineffective. There's a lack of genuineness about how they operate and there's so much deceitfulness. Instead of sitting down and talking about the issues like grown-ups, all of there is is petty fighting and getting reelected. Politics should be about the issues and the people but often it's about politicians and the corporations that serve them. Politicians pretend be honest and they pretend to relate to the people but they just don't.

I may not agree with a lot of what Obama has done, but I really, really don't want Romney to win. I don't understand how his plan will create jobs or how giving to the rich will possibly benefit the middle class. I don't understand why he would be against abortion and then cut the programs that would help single mothers and would help prevent pregnancy. I don't understand why he is against giving everyone the right to marry and love who they want to marry and love. If he wins, it could have drastic consequences that I could write a whole other post about it (I still can upon request).

Politics is the complicated science that governs our world. Our life, world affairs... It all hangs in the balance, in the hands of politics.

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  1. I honestly don't like Obama that much, and would have voted for Jill Stein also, if I thought she had a chance of winning (I am twenty years old and my fingers are crossed that I will see a woman as President within my lifetime), but honestly, I felt like she had very little chance of winning, and I was terrified that Romney would take it. I'm young, poor, female, gay, and a college student, meaning Romney hates me with a passion. I'd rather vote for the guy who, at the very least, is willing to consider that I'm not automatically evil.

    I voted, I got a refill on some medication (and talked politics with a friend who is apparently a Republican...I've gotten to a state where I'm not going to rant my view and knock down someone else's, because for one thing, their view is likely based on religion, and telling them their religion is wrong could take a long time. And second, because I feel someone will listen more if I quietly state things, rather than screaming them and not listening to any other view point. Everything is an opportunity, like an ad in the car while that friend was driving me home...it pointed out that Obama trusts a woman's right to choose, and my friend got very angry, and I pointed out how yes, isn't it awful how one side believes that if a woman is given the right to choose, we'll run around like horrible heathen women, murdering small children because we all hate babies?)
    Then I got home and went to sleep. I'm not going to sit through the "this state, that state, this many reporting" stuff. So I found out Obama had won when I went to my school library at 6am to buy a soda. It was funny, the cleaning people were getting started and someone had printed off pictures of Romney/Ryan buttons that said "Obamanomics sucks" and left them on all the tables. The cleaning people saw them and one asked if I wanted them and I very quickly said "No thanks!" and she said something along the lines of "Well then we'll put them right where they belong"...trash can.