Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Nothing is as rich as the sound of music, true music,  in the air. So melodious, so graceful, so lovely, music just flows into the air like it was made for it. But a good song will go further: from the ear, a good, soulful song seems to move through the heart and deep into the recesses of the soul, where it sits and buries itself. A good song is a song that can either fill you with joy and fills you with deep, deep melancholy. And that's what music is, music lets you feel things that you either wouldn't feel otherwise or are far too afraid to let yourself feel it on your own. The combination of reading Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult and writing my music recommendation list got me thinking about music in general and how much it means to me. What effects that it has on my soul too. 

I listen, listen, listen to music all of the time and almost everywhere that I go (the beauty of portable data!). It fills me up like soup and just makes me feel good in a way that I don't fully understand, gives me a soul connection with another person that doesn't require actual contact. So in that regard, it's quite nice really. It's more than the lyrics that are soulful; it's the singer himself. A singer can so easily penetrate any defenses that I have brought up and all of my crazy thoughts. A soft melody can soothe me; a louder melody can jazz me up. It's amazing how music can impact my emotions. As a feeler, each and every sound reverberates through me and stays long after. 

Music with a message is particularly fantastic and the actual melody with it only enhances that very message. For that reason, music can make me think deeply and feel deeply. It's like a 3-D poem or something. And, with that, music can change the person listening to it. 

That emotional therapy is really important and music is so great because that's what it offers. Music makes you feel like you're not alone. It can make you feel like you're incredible with its influential and uplifting lyrics. It can help affirm how you're feeling, give you "permission" to feel it and help you not feel as much as a freak. A lot of the bands I listen to (My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Emilie Autumn, etc.) really have saved people's lives. That sort of influence and emotional venting really have helped those people out in rough patches. 

Music is expression. And I have always loved expression. That is right after all. The beautiful thing about music is that it is so subjective. What one person hates, the other loves. Music is interpreted different depending on the listener; the listener fills in all the white spaces. I love how music can help you play around like that.

Music has an impact like nothing else has. It's in a class all of its own. And that's why it is so amazing.

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