Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reading the New York Times

In this technology-obsessed world, it's hard to find anyone who has actually read a newspaper. Who has actually felt it in their hands and smelled it. Well, I stand here to say that I am a millennial who has actually read a newspaper. A real, live newspaper and not something on the Nook. Today, I actually read The New York Times. Not the whole thing, of course, for it's much too huge for one sitting, but just the major news section and...

It was fantastic. The articles aren't just stuff keeping you up to date with the world in the most basic of ways, aren't just stuff written childishly. That's the stuff of the local newspaper my parents and grandfather reads and it bores me to tears. I thought this would be somewhat of the same thing (albeit written at a higher reading level) but it wasn't. The Sunday edition of The New York Times was so much more engaging and interesting than I could have hoped. The thing is huge and there's so much there. It was worth every penny of the six dollars that I spent on it.

Holding an actual, physical newspaper in my hands was incredibly strange. I smelled the fresh ink. It was like reading a book but not quite. A magazine, almost, but not quite. It was quite hard to hold. A newspaper is so long that it's hard to hold and your arms ache after a while. It's difficult to lay down, nice and cozy with it like I can with a book. Definitely a bit awkward. I understand why one might enjoy the Nook version more (although I really did enjoy the inky, papery smell quite a bit, I admit).

But still, it was very interesting and thought-provoking. The article ranged much in content, the news covering both national and international topics. The topics varied also, of course, ranging from the war in Afghanistan to the concern of residents in the Hamptons over the increasing members of drunk people.

Apparently, there's still more even after this. In addition to the major news article, they have other sections such as the sports and real estate sections. So I'll get to read even more.

There were also little mini magazines inside of it, one with the book reviews and the bestsellers list inside. I'm so excited!

I never knew reading the paper could be so much fun.

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