Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taking Offense

People take offense at the stupidest things. They really do. Of course, every once in a while, their offense is actually warranted. Like it was tonight.

I've said a lot of stupid shit in my lifetime. I'm pretty sure that everyone has. Sometimes, though, it's not the stupid shit that I say but the stupid ways people respond to the stupid shit that I say that puts them in the wrong. Because just because I said one bad thing doesn't make me the Devil Incarnate. Most of the time, I haven't even meant any harm. But sometimes, the way people react to those things make me look like I have done them the most grievous harm ever. I really don't understand people who get so easily offended. People make mistakes every once in a while; I say let them go. Many people, though, seem not to be nearly as forgiving and seem to hold what you say over your head for the rest of time (this seems to be the case with me). 

Sometimes, people get offended at things that aren't even stupid.  Maybe at things that are controversial but they get offended at things that actually make sense. At valid opinions. Sometimes I feel that there are a great deal of people who find logic offensive. Or they get offended at a truth they don't want to hear. Regardless, it is at these sorts of truths that people seem to become especially self righteous and seem to think they know everything (and are shocked to discover when this is not the case).

I hate it when people get offended, especially when they get offended easily. When I start talking about something really good, really interesting and their face puckers up and they put me in my place. Excuse me? Half the time, when I'm talking to an adult, they always pull the age card too, acting suddenly like it's impossible for a teenager like me to form an intelligent opinion. 

I understand if they get offended at the touchy subjects, being as I do bring up touchy subjects quite a bit. Some people truly can't tell the difference between me attacking them and me attacking their beliefs because they find them inseparable. It's alright, not everyone is as chill with everything as I am. Some people are truly too irrational and illogical to have any sort of serious conversation with and I should probably just accept that. Also, I probably should consider that I often don't treat certain topics with as much sensitivity as I should. 

Yet people who get offended easily get offended over everything. These people get offended from even the slightest bit of attack on something they like even if it's something as silly as a different view on a celebrity or book or school. Who get offended by my very presence and thought and difference. And then these usually are the same people who try to force me into seeing why my behavior is wrong and why I should stop and think like them even though it's my freaking opinion and I should have the right to it. 

Maybe it's not the getting offended part that annoys me but the way people act when they get offended. When they coolly discuss why their opinion angers them in a way that makes sense, I get it. When they simply state they're offended, I usually don't talk about the "offensive" comment in front of them. I love it even more if we can have a conversation on their offense. However, when they completely lose their shit and start freaking out, then we have a problem. After this, it's typical to expect them to maintain their tense, angry posture and give me the cold shoulder for days to come. Totally lame. Usually, it's the easily offended people that do this, which makes me become annoyed with them even more. It's not like I'll change my opinion on the topic so who cares? It makes me lose all respect for you. The more politically correct I am with you, the less I respect you. When I'm telling it as I see it, I am respecting you enough to say, "You are logical. You are not a child. I can be honest with you." 

I don't like offending people. I generally don't like creating conflict in general; it's not part of my personality. Yet I suppose that sometimes, it just has to happen. Otherwise, I would have to avoid topics like religion and politics and I would also have to refrain from writing my social commentary altogether. But that won't happen. I recognize as a writer, not everyone will agree with what I have to say and that also means that people might not like me. They might not even state their offense well. But people get offended by writers all of the time and usually the best writers have been the one to offend (what causes censorship after all?). I probably should accept this already and get over it. 

Easily offended people, calm down. The world will not fall apart if someone has a differing viewpoint. However offensive it is, they have the right to have it. Down with the political correctness. 

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