Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Accidents happen, the saying goes. And so do car accidents (or mini car accidents anyway). So they happen to the student driver like me.

Maybe I was getting too cocky. Part of me thought that it wouldn't happen to me, I suppose. I found a parking lot to practice my parking in even though I had pretty much already passed it. But I thought I could make that turn and I didn't have time to stop the way I should have at a turn. So... I hit a stop sign. And I ran it over. I'm not entirely sure how this all went down because it seemed to happen pretty quickly but that was what pretty much happened.

Freaked out, my abuelita and I just ran away to another parking lot, where we discovered I scratched the hell out of the hood and who knew how much it would cost. I freaked out even though my abuelita tried to reassure me. But yeah, I was freaking out and feeling really guilty and I still am. I'm not even sure I want to drive anymore for fear i'll wreck my mom's car too.

I guess I should get back on the horse and start driving again. After all, accidents are inevitable and a part of life and if I live by fear, I won't be able to do anything. But still... That feels like an awfully big risk. What if I wreck something again? I almost feel like I don't deserve to be able to drive again for making such a stupid mistake. Because what other stupid mistakes might I make?

Mistakes teach you, though. They teach you what you've done wrong and how you can do better. Accidents are mistakes (even if they're really big ones like car accidents) so I guess I can learn from this too.
I have definitely learned a lesson for sure and I'll definitely be more careful. There's nothing more I can can do about it now.

It was an accident. And accidents can't be helped. They happen when you least expect it and I definitely didn't expect it. I just won't do it again.

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