Monday, August 12, 2013

Crazy Animal People (Like Me)

I have a confession: I'm a crazy animal person. I have two rats, a hamster and a dog and still, I admit, I want more. When I'm older, I'll probably have more animals.

Why? I've written of the awesomeness of animals as pets here. And it's completely true. There is a purity and vulnerability to animals that is hard to come by in humans. They are fragile and sweet and utterly voiceless. So of course, I feel the urge to nurture them. The love of an animal is unlike any other I've had, unconditional and overflowing.

Still, animal people, such as myself, are crazy. Sometimes, we become too crazy. Just recently I've heard my dad's friend discuss what his love of animals. It's led to him taking in a pregnant stray. A pregnant stray who got pregnant again and whose kittens became pregnant too. Hes taken in cats, dogs and even more wild animals like a sheep and a duck. It's wreaked havoc on his household at times. Yet something in those creatures' eyes compelled him to do what he did. The same is true for me.

Crazy animal lovers are irrational. Our bleeding hearts cripple our ability to properly make out reality for the way it truly is. I suppose this prevents us from doing what needs to be done, much of the time. We can't save every stray or adopt every unwanted pet. Sometimes, our love leads to more harm than good such as when we feed strays. And that's difficult to accept. No wonder non- animal lovers look at us and roll their eyes.
We have big hearts and idealistic goals. That can be beautiful as well as destructive. Bigger hearts can take in more love after all and animals give more of that. 

Yes, I'm a crazy animal lover. You might be too, dear reader. But this crazy love for creatures can be managed. With time and self-control, it is possible to understand your limits and be content with the animals you have. That tug will always be there, though...

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