Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting Lost

I got lost today. I guess it's meant to happen to every driver eventually but I didn't think it would happen too soon. But I did.

Surprise, surprise, this book nerd was looking for the library to pick up my holds. Now, I had been to this particular library only a couple times, given the fact that I usually picked up my holds at a different library closer to where I got tutored for Math. I had to do this before the library closed and, by the time my dad would be able to take me, it would. So naturally, I decided to use my driving time to drive to the library and pick it up.

But who did I have to do this with? My abuelita. Not only had she never been to the library but she had no idea where it could be and gets a bit confused sometimes. So it was all on me. I printed out directions just in case but it was too small for her far-sighted eyes to read.

I had an idea where I was going. Unfortunately, I took one wrong turn and soon enough, I was back on the bypass. Essentially, we had driven in one big circle.  I looked at the directions but I had no idea how to get back on track.

Lucky for me, despite how easily flustered she can get, my abuelita is an incredibly patient woman.

"Let's just go back," I said. "I can get it later."
"No, no, we go."

"Okay," I said.

I made a U-turn in a nearby neighborhood even though the road was somewhat narrow and I kept swearing I was going to hit the curb.

I also had no idea how I was going to get back on track.

There was a man in his car talking, though.

"Ask him," my abuelita said.

"No, it'd be weird and I'm pretty sure he's busy," I argued.

But my abuelita insisted, saying a part of learning how to drive was learning how to ask for help from other people.

So I did and the man mouthed that he'd be able to help in a second even though it was clear we were interrupting a conference call. Then he graciously gave directions to me.

His directions were what helped me get on track and eventually we did get to the library. It turned out we even missed one obvious sign that said "Library" with an arrow (you can only imagine how stupid that made me feel).

Sometimes directions aren't perfect. Passengers that are supposed to serve as navigators aren't perfect, either and neither are GPS systems. And so getting lost is a part of life. It really is a part of driving and becoming a better driver.

I've been lost before and on a much bigger scale. I've been lost with my parents, my friends, my sister in other places, states and even countries. But I've never been the driver. I've never been the one who has been in charge of figuring out the way to go again.

It's all about how you conduct yourself. As long as you can screw your head on straight, it'll be okay.
I guess being lost isn't that big of a deal; it only matters that you find a way back again.

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