Friday, August 2, 2013

I Need Blogs to Read

Hello, dear readers! I have nothing new to write about today but I do have one request: Give me blogs! I'm getting quite bored this summer with quite the case of writer's block. So I ask you, What are some blogs you recommend? What are some of your blogs?

Of course, I've already been reading some blogs although I admit that I'm quite terrible at commenting on them (too lazy too?). Also, sometimes, after I'm done reading them, I wonder what made me read them in the first place considering many of them are hard for me to relate to. It's almost like I enjoy reading blogs that I can't relate to because the good writing on these blogs somehow sucks me in (I haven't been a parent, I haven't had any fertility issues and I don't have DID but still, I find myself touched by these blogs and I learn quite a bit from them).

Some blogs I have been reading include: (Okay, this isn't a blog but still, totally awesome) and the occasional other book blog when I'm in the mood
Some random tumblr photography blogs...
I used to read my friend Maddie's blogs but sadly, she no longer updates (otherwise, I would post them here too).

So how about it? This is pretty much the only place you'll get to shamelessly self-plug :)


  1. I'd self-plug mine, but it's a Disney/Disney College Program blog. If you love Disney..feel free to check it out! haha

    Otherwise I really like:


  2. Um, well, my writing blog isn't very good, but it's, which I update every Saturday, every other Sunday, and whenever the mood strikes :)
    and I believe you can see the blogs I follow (and therefore like, which are basically all writing-focused) on my blogger profile.

  3. The book chewers -
    Their harangues and their fancies -
    Thanks for including my blog in your list!