Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I see the world through the lens of my camera. Already, I see the world through words, but this helps me see it in a different way. Through writing and photography, I see it in an entirely different way.

Through my camera, I can see different perspectives and different ways to capture something. I love to take pictures of pretty much everything, capture it in different angles and different perspectives.

I'm not entirely sure how I got into photography. All I know is that the idea suddenly occurred to me one day and I wanted to try it. I snapped pictures on my phone and then edited them. Admittedly, they were bad at first but then I kept going anyway. I became serious enough that my parents decided to give me a camera come Christmas. I've been loving it ever since.

I never knew how many different ways there were to see the world until I pursued photography. Instead of just snapping a picture of something, you have to be more creative. The artist must ask, How can I capture this in a way no one else has? How can I capture this in a way that will show the true essence of what it is? So I have to think of how to pose things in a way to make them as artsy as possible and, when I am trying to do a candid, I have to decide quickly which pose the person is doing will show them in the best light. There are so many decisions to make. I love to snap the thing in as many different angles as I can in order to figure out which one is best.

Then, it comes to editing the photo. Different exposures, colors, etc. will show the photo in a whole different way. Do I want to add a more serious, melancholy feel? I make it darker. In the reverse, if I want to make it happier, I make it lighter.

Recently, I've taken up a film photography class. Film has taken everything that I know about photography and turned it on its head. If I want to change the exposure, I have to change the shutter speed and the aperture. I'm not sure how to edit it in other ways. Also, developing those photos have proven to be an incredibly difficult process, much more difficult than I ever thought was possible. It is awfully rewarding when you finally do get a print, though.

Overall, I absolutely love photography. I've been involved in a recent project involving it and I've had so much fun!

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