Thursday, October 17, 2013

RIP, Mac

I have sad news to share to the world: My beloved iPod of five years has officially died. Indeed, the audio jack has finally stopped working; at first, it sputtered out with only allowing one earbud to play but now it won't let me play altogether. This is just one last straw in a series of failures. I finally had to give in and get a new one or risk facing a life without music. I call him Mac (I know, not very creative but still). 

It gave me a good few years, allowing me to store as much music to my heart's content. It played without protest until its end and it gave me an experience of mutual satisfaction. Admittedly, it was the replacement of my original iPod but no matter there. This was the true iPod that served me and for that, I will be grateful.
Of course, I'm still sticking to my iPod classic instead of getting the iPod Touch everyone recommended that I have. Why? Because, quite frankly, I'm afraid of change. I've gotten accustomed to my iPod classic; it's become my baby. It can also hold much more music than anything else can and, even more startling yet, it's much cheaper. Sure, it can do a lot of fancy things but, at the end of the day, music is all I care about. There was a time I bought the iPod Touch but I had to quickly return it because I was having too much angst.
And I'm loving this iPod Classic. It has all of the benefits of the old one, but it has this newness about it: it plays much better than the old one and it charges better too. Not to mention, it just looks new too, sleek and shiny.

But still, the old one did service me well.

RIP, Mac.