Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Miss Writing

More often than not, I'm not able to write or I'm not able to write more than a few sentences. It's rare that I've been able to write for long periods of time like I used to in the past. And I miss it. It's almost like a part of me has been missing from not writing. Yes, I've been able to write poetry, but I haven't been able to write that much prose and I especially haven't been able to write that many blog posts either (as any readers here may or may not have noticed).
It's like a craving that pops up at random times. So often I just want to write and write and write, but there's just always another class for me to go to or other obligations for me to go to. So I'm forced to attend to those. On the weekend, there's always something for me to do as well, which is incredibly frustrating.
Writing is such a huge part of who I am that I feel such a hole without it in my life. I definitely need to find an outlet for these urges some more, but I don't know when to find it. There just seems like there's always something else to do.
There just doesn't seem to be enough time for everything that I want to do. Even on the weekend, time races away from me and it's Monday right before I know it. It's incredibly frustrating. 
At the very least, I'm still finding that I'm able to read. That's something. 

Still, I long for summer. Maybe in the summertime, I'll be able to catch up on everything. 

I wish...

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  1. Love you. It is exactly how I've been feeling since when i stopped writing scripts. It's deep inside me, i can feel it. It's kind, an anxiety that i feel that writing will save me, save my life. And not for money hence I'm learning to make a better buck,but from help me grow, make me a better person and to help some others making this a purpose in my life.