Saturday, June 16, 2012

Computer Problems

I grew up in the age of technology, am still growing up there. I learned how to type when I was three, typing rows and rows and rows of letters before I knew how to write. While adults might not be used to instant gratification, I am used to it on the computer.

Lately, both my laptop and the main computer have been having issues. It's been turning off randomly saying that the computer has to shut down to prevent issues. To clear the software if it happens again. Alas, the software is now being cleared at Best Buy by the Geek Squad. I'm writing this on my mom's work computer.  

Usually, I'm so used to just getting frustrated and turning it off. Pressing the power button until it turns off so I can restart it. Sometimes that's not even good enough and that's when I end up getting really, really mad about things. 

Plus, this whole computer thing has caused a bit of family tension. Especially with my dad and I.

Of course, I think my dad suspects I'm going on really wacky sites on the computer and getting all of these viruses. I'm  not going to deny that a healthy bit of teen hormones and curiosity have led me to some places I probably shouldn't have been, but I really doubt that these sporadic searches that I have done a long time ago led me to where we are now (anyway, the never-ending flow of pop-ups I receive whenever I try to watch a show online has cleared me of this curiosity). Even the Best Buy guy seems to be on my side about this, claiming it to be software incompatibility.

I'm in the crapper for another reason. Father's Day is looming and I usually make my card and present poem on it. Unfortunately, the main computer is the only one connected to the printer. So it looks like I'm screwed.

It seems the computer issue seems to spread to other issues in my life, unfortunately.

I suppose it will be better now, though. It is truly the most irritating thing in the world, to just be online and then have something freeze up or not work. Especially when you're in the middle of something. Even though the computers are good most of the time, I still feel total waves of hatred whenever they don't work. It's amazing how I'm reduced to screaming at the computer and screaming all types of profanity its way (or wanting to, depending on my mood and depending on what I was doing at the time). I just pushed it away, but this was happening so frequently that I could no longer ignore it. And so here I am.

Computer problems suck because they're just so inconvenient. It's not like anyone dies or something. They're purely first-world problems. Yet they're irritating enough to ruin entire days or worse. For some people, the loss of a computer can be the end of the world or the end of the day. I'm not guiltless in this, of course because they're enough to fill me with frustration within pure seconds.  Computer problems are the force pulling the plug to my life machine. 

Most people's reaction to computer problems really is amusing to watch from afar, particularly the more impatient ones of the world. I certainly know that my mom can be amusing to watch if you're not caught in the crossfire with her yelling and pacing and clear irritation. Then, of course, is the interesting part when she tries to deal with it herself before giving up and calling someone. Ah, yes, as a frequent user of the computer, she and I are sucked in the trap. There is probably some deep psychological root to all of this. People's reaction to computer problems probably stem from the instant gratification that we are accustomed to as well as the fast-paced society that we live in.

There is, of course, something particularly sad to me about them all. The sad part about my current computer problems is that I'm really jonesing for them right now. Oh, how I miss it now! Hopefully, Geek Squad can take all of the computer problems away. At the very least, I can be thankful that that is my only problem right now.

I grew up in the age of technology, yes, but I have been a willing participant in it. I have agreed to be sucked in the trap. And so I must deal with the risks that came with that, the risk that happened to unfold now. I must deal with a little bit of withdrawal.


  1. It'll turn out! No worries, technology has a way of always improving. In the mean time, keep up the great posts! Very fun to read and relate to, not to mention you're a great writer who obviously loves what you're doing :)

  2. It is mandatory for one to have an anti-virus program installed on their computer. That way, your files, and your software will be protected from viruses. A computer without an anti-virus program is like an unvaccinated child – immune to all kinds of diseases.

  3. Were you able to have your computer’s problem fixed already? How was it? It could probably be either because of a virus or computer already has a low memory. Either way, there are several options to prevent it from happening. You could purchase an anti-virus software or add more capacity on your Random Access Memory (RAM).

    Benita Bolland

    1. I was, thank you. My mom got Geek Squad to take care of it. We already had anti-virus software, but the video-sharing place viruses seem to always get past that. I just got a particularly scary one (a message that overtook the screen saying I'd be arrested by the FBI for copyright violations if I didn't cough up $200... to MoneyPal), so I'm swearing them all of for good and getting Netflix.