Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Studying means different things to different people, the methods varying from flashcards to a simple glance-over. Some study for hours and some don't study at all. It looks like finals have come around again. Finals and in every subject. That's right. These tests cover half the year in some classes and the entire year in other subjects.  Studying has been quite the relevant topic and rampant in Facebook pages of my tired teenage friends. Each time it comes up, I look away guiltily. I have a dirty little secret: I rarely, if ever, study. Yes, it is indeed true.

I still don't know how to really study for the finals. I don't really know how to study at all, if I'm to be totally honest. Studying for me is looking things over, and occasionally writing things down. It doesn't really feel like studying, though. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. I feel like it's going to bite me in the ass, especially when college comes around.

I'm good at cramming information in class and then forgetting it. Cram, forget, cram, forget. This isn't the case with concepts like math or grammar at least, but pieces of information. The only information I ever retain is information that I happen to find interesting; this might be useful when I read books, but not so much in most classes. Basically, I'm screwed for Science and certain parts of Spanish.

Have I been shown how to study before? Well, I actually have. Teachers have pointed it out and there was even a whole segment in the reading class I took in middle school. Those never applied to me, though, because I had never needed them. Unfortunately, my memory is a little blurry and a part of me seems to refuse to believe that I need to study now. In addition to not knowing how to study, I have to force myself to sit down and study. I'm one of those kids that my reading teacher talked about, those kids who knew it for a short time but would forget it later.

This battle has been a great deal of stress for me lately, but unfortunately I have still been left unable to deal with it.

I do not know much about studying, not really, but I have heard things about it. I've heard things about all-nighters, although I guess that isn't smart if it deprives me if all my sleep. That's about the only thing I would know how to do.

Another dilemma about studying that I have is the length in which I should do studying. One day? Two? If so, how long? The answers are different for everybody, although I don't know what it's going to be for me. I imagine it would be less but I don't know what that less would be.

I probably could be studying right now. I should, but I can't seem to make myself. I only was able to drag myself to do it once this weekend, and that was when I did the optional review packets. I guess I should do it again soon tomorrow.

People study in different ways and some don't study at all. I can only hope that I'll be one of those people who does well, regardless of either.

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