Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freedom in Summertime

School is something endured 180 days of the year. School is that weight of stress carried like a boulder as its frantic students hustle from Point A to Point B, trying frantically to get everything done as they do. The days not spent in school are spent taking a breather. I have been taking a breather in the two days I've been out of school and it feels like complete freedom. Of course, I would have blogged about my first day of freedom, but certain events seemed more important.

These days have been filled with absolutely... nothing. It has been absolutely glorious. I woke up at one (a record for me. I stayed up extra late watching A Day in the Life the night before) to find my mom home. And then I spent the rest of the day on the computer and doing.... nothing! These days have had the most wonderful theme to them, and I am drinking it up.

Nothing can put a damper to this feeling of complete bliss right now. Absolutely nothing.. Not even two low final grades. My mom saying,  "You know the kids from [insert name of district next to ours] have to still have to go to school" only made me feel a slight twinge of sympathy before going on my merry way in continuing to bask in this newfound freedom. This freedom makes me so easily feel like I'm on top of the world, even when I'm obviously not

I have absolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. Of course, I will probably worry anyway because that's how I am, but I will have no "legitimate" worry. No terrible thing looms over my head like a dark cloud, obstructing my writing and force me to cut it all short. That will be loads of fun.

Not only do I not have anything to worry about but I have everything to look forward to. I have two sleepaway camps, weekends at my shore house, sleepovers and general laziness. I have more than two months to do all of this too! Talk about lucky me. I should be grateful.

I don't mean to brag, though. I am very lucky but not everyone is this summer and I don't know the situations of the readers here on the blog. Of course, there are so many unfortunate situations to think about. On a darker side, I can't help but think about those who are less fortunate than I am this summer. People have to work during the summer, unfortunately- both at maintaining year-round careers and at earning some spending money and in some cases even college tuition and money to survive (which I won't have to do until I'm in college, fortunately). Worse yet, there are those who are forced back into volatile and sometimes even abusive family situations with not even school as a reprieve anymore.

Still, while I remember those, I need to focus on the positive. I have to look forward to my awesome summer and enjoy every second of it. Summer is a lucky and rare opportunity.  It's so short too, because those 180 days will come quickly enough.  I will continue the theme of doing nothing in the meantime.

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  1. Great picture, great post (: SUMMMMMMERRR